How did everyone learn how to program

how did everyone learn how to program im curious

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(Bonus info: @computer_genius1 called ME a noob xD)

It is not the same question as mine

How did you learn vs How did you start. It’s not the same question indeed. In my case, I learned by starting.


I bet if he made a reply in that post, you guys would have given him a hard time for necroing the post. So is this lose-lose?

@computer_genius1 I learned how to program slowly over time. I’ve always been fascinated by technology. Years ago, I wanted to make a website for something, and learned how to do it the hard way. Now I knew a few languages and can do some fun stuff with it. You just have to put your mind to it and get started.


I just got going :stuck_out_tongue:
Whenever I needed something and the programs I had didn’t fit my needs I’d write a new program or try to add to them what I thought wass missing.

Like always google is your friend. But going to school to actually “learn” it is more usefully :smile:. At school you learn how to program the correct way by using proper OO and design patterns. Basicly you program with the idea “less is more”, what basically means how less code you write to get something done. How better your program will be.

If only… But sadly lots of schools still don’t teach programming…


Uni? Sadly enough you need to take a lot of crap with it lol.

Only this year did I start programming at school (a subject called Aplicações Informáticas B, literally Informatic Applications B, in my 12th grade, last year of Secondary School): algorithms, VB in console mode and VB in Windows Forms Applications. I started programming by myself in my 8th grade, and no schools in Portugal teach this in that grade.

So, I get @TBotV63’s point. One should not have to wait for university to learn how to program.

I self-taught myself for about 2 years, and now I finally took a formal class and will continue to take classes to improve my knowledge of programming in general.

Do not fully rely on tutorials online, because sometimes you just gotta try it out yourself.


I wanted to program something for a long time but every time i tried I got confused with the basic stuff, because my brain could not understand it. Anyway, After my Ex broke up with me, it triggered a lot in me and changed me so much. I had realized that I never truly completed any of my little learning curves, Not only that the programmer who programmed my favorite project was looking for someone to take over, the community of this plugin looked at me because I apparently knew the most about it. So I focused all my spare time I had to understanding the basics of Java through the web. After I learnt the basics, I had settled into College where I could ask my teachers about the questions I had about Java, not only that I started to guess how some stuff in Java worked and well … a year later, Im now programming in Java, C++, Object-C, HTML, Lua, Python and Ruby but I can only program in Java fluently (aka i know all i need to with Java)

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I’m primarily self taught, I started out with HTML/CSS which is where I stayed. I started with a book on HTML (nothing like code academy existed back then) and learned from there.

Since then I’ve branched out into PHP, JavaScript, Java, C, and C++.

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I’m completely self-taught. My love started for anything to do with computers when I was 8 sitting in the hospital. After getting home I wanted to learn as much as I could. Luckily my mom had an old C book. So I picked up that and after about two years finally got through it. I then moved onto C++, loved that and I just sort of exploded trying to learn everything I possibly could.


Self taught myself programming by playing around with runescape private servers hehe :speak_no_evil:

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In 9th grade I up and decided to make a minecraft mod, this was after playing around with DOS, so I looked up tutorials and basically made a few copy-paste mods. Then I got into bukkit, and virtually self-taught myself java in a month, I still have some problems logically structuring code, but I would say I am a pretty sound java Dev. I do not know any other languages, but I am taking a course in Python, however the course only has class once a quarter…