How did your username come to be

Just interested to see how everyone came up with their current username/minecraft name.

I’ll start, back about 5 years ago I was playing xbox with my friends and they were in the “zF4ll3n” clan and I wanted to feel cool so I joined them. Then once we all got into minecraft we just never changed our names.

I used to be on the “LEGO Robotics” team for my school. Many of the answers I came up with to the challenges involved a lot of gears.

I wanted a name, so I went over to Seventh Sanctum (awesome generator site) and clicked ‘Generate’ on the Greek-style Name Generator until something I thought was cool popped up.

Some of my older aliases have more interesting stories, but I don’t use them anymore.

My first name ever was twistex (I loved wind and tornadoes at the time plus I thought it sounded cool) then when I got my xbox I tried to get the gamertag Vortex however it was taken so I came up with RagingVortex22. Then on other things I came up with 22vortex22 (cause vortex was taken) and now I’ve finally gotten Vortex on the sponge forums.

My IGN is DudeGuyManPerson.
Long story short, I couldn’t think of anything.

Merged two players with who I played Grepolis in an aliance :stuck_out_tongue:

And altough I am dutch i always pronounce my name in a kind of german way, knagggggieknagggger or something for someone from holland it is like gagging on the “G” :blush:
After someone on a TF2 server (someone from germany) shouted it in the voice chat i loved it :stuck_out_tongue:

My name is Camden. On every forum Camden is taken.

So I added an X.


I liked robots/cyber-shizzle and minecraft. I don’t even think craftbot on its own is taken but its best to be sure that your name will always be available.

I was in 5th grade. My friend and I wanted to create our own websites. I wanted to make a gaming website, so instead of it being called “Definite Fun”, I decided to put my name, Stefen, into it. Thus, Stefenatefun was born. I spelled it differently because “Stefenitefun” didn’t look quite right.

Can’t remember the exacts but I do remember someone swearing at me and comparing me to a monkey jumping and swinging between trees during a game of UT2k3 or UT2k4 back in the day, Carried it over to CounterStrike:Source sometime around 2005 and it just kinda stuck.
I always played as a monkey in the TimeSplitters series too.

Initials from my passport.

I loved Dragons and simply put some letters behind it xD

My first server I became op on was Bungeetaco’s Minecraft Server. I grew to knew Bungeetaco really well (until he banned me after a year for no apparent reason) but before he banned me, I got a new account named Bungeecookie (five of the other staff names had Bungee in front of it, Bungeeaumond, Bungeepotato, Bungeefajita, etc.)

DISCLAIMER: This story is not made up.

My old username used to be SloppyJoeBurger, which I came up with a few years ago by combining the foods sloppy joe and hamburger, but my current name, neothiamin, came from a thinking session I had on the bus around a week ago. I wanted a new name, and I thought of the nutrient niacin, and thought I’d add neo to it. However, neoniacin has too many n’s in it for my liking, so I changed niacin to thiamin and boom! neothiamin.

Made up for Dungeons and Dragons, in college. I was a thief in the Fox guild.
It’s Air-a-van, though, not “A Raving Fox”, :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing interesting really. Felix is my first name and 3008 resolves to 30.08.95 which is my birth date. On some forums/platforms i’m known as felix300895 if felix3008 is already taken. Boring, i know.

I named myself after my cat Romy. That’s her picture I use as my icon. She died a couple of years after I took the name. She died at the ripe age of 12, after living a great cat life full of fun and adventure.

First name plus half oft my second Name. But THE storry oft my YT Name is cool, THE first Video i uploaded was me destroying a potato with fireworks and ExplodingPotato was taken so i choose ExplodingCamera, btw one camera got destroyed while filming THE Video.

I got the name Gater12 from Graser10.

My username jdersen is a portmanteau of my first and last names.

My mc name, OraBrush, is just a product for tongues.