How many mods do you have

it can be any version
i have 154 mods

1: Optifine (Because notch programs like crap)


I get around 90fps without Optifine, and 500+ with it.

I can play on both, but even if I can’t see a difference at about 250fps, it feels so much smoother with Optifine.


Sometimes I’m using the MCpatcher connected textures + skybox mod, which is required for an awesome space texture pack.

I heard somewhere that the eye actually sees 114 fps. I still think that’s high, but 10 is definitley too low. I see a HUGE difference between 30 and 60.

Schematica and Macro/Keybind are fun to play with. I should also try out redpowered sometime

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optifine is most common

Mods used: 0

I play vanilla. All of my programs (that I have made and use on Minecraft) are server-side plugins

I do not use OptiFine anymore, because:

  1. License: Cannot be used in modpacks, even though many guys ignore that :confused: I do not.
  2. Vanilla performs well for me without any need for OptiFine since 1.8.
  3. MCPatcher has many resource pack features I need, like Custom Item Textures, that OptiFine doesn’t offer (yet).

Other mods I use are BetterFoliage, Shaders, More Player Models, VoxelMap, Keybinds,… - most of this is graphic stuff that works with servers and are no cheating tools. I use about 40, at the top.

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This is false. It cannot be packaged and included within the pack itself. It’s perfectly within the license boundaries to install a modpack and then install OptiFine yourself.

I know. I wrote this as a modpack creator, so this doesn’t help me :frowning:

Ehm I usually play modpacks. But I can’t play a minecraft without:

  • Optifine
  • mumfrey’s macro mod
  • Shaders + chocolaty
  • Any map mod. I liked mapwriter a lot in 1.6.4.
  • My own private notifications mod. (Shows when players enter my area: notify me about their armor, items they hold, keep rendering the player tag when sneaking, … . And some other usefull stuff (may be seen as a hack, But I see it as tactically playing)

OptiFine + a bunch of Liteloader mods.

Since I play so many modpacks, I cannot list the mods I am using. Currently I am playing The 1.7.10 pack. The mod list, and I add in optifine for an FPS boost from 7-9 FPS to 20-22 FPS. (it has a poor graphics card)

:open_mouth:. Join the PC master race! Pick your gear please xD!
What I did to join it:

  1. worked 3 months in the weekends at a shop
  2. sorted screws/wooden planks the whole summer vacation except at sundays.
  3. that brought in 2300€ and I spend all of that to buy my PC
  4. Pc was delivered 2 weeks before my exams. And yeah surprisingly enough I didn’t had so many fails.


  • [email protected]
  • 2X4GB + 2X8GB DDR3 1800mhz.
  • 1 GTX 770 4GB VRAM 3 FANS on the card
  • 1 128SSD + 1 256GB HHD (from my old pc) + 3TB SHDD
  • Asrock xtream6 meanboard.
  • Only 1 screen ;-; (forgot screen specs)
  • running Ubuntu (nailed it I guess, still waiting for GTA V linux)

Lord of the Rings Mod and Lots 'o Mobs (and Optifine - which should go without saying).

“tactically playing”, this is not. That’s straight up hacking, dude. Also, how could any mod possibly tell you about the items they have in their inventory? I’m pretty sure that’s impossible.


It only shows items being held, so that’s possible.

I assumed “items” plural meant other items in the inventory. But that’s still hacking.

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Isn’t hacking breaking/manipulating a remote system? I am just using the information the server sends me. And so far that’s 100% legit. And its only the item the person is holding I care about. For example: player has hold sharp 3 diamond sword. Will give me a big red warning that I better move out there.

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“Hacking” is just a generic term used by players when someone is cheating.