How much would this plugin cost to have made?


I need a plugin made but i do not know how much it would cost. The description is here: I need help with particles
I will pay $30 max, I dont know if i want this, it depends on the price.


If you want to commission a plugin, we recommend posting in the Services Exchange, and using the template to make sure you provide the required information.


I dont know if i want to yet, should i post it there anyway?


Posting doesn’t lock you into a committment, no one will rush off and make it and then say “Did it - you owe me $180!” - people will ask clarification questions, or tell you that your requests are insanely unreasonable to expect only $30 , or point you to an existing plugin that can be tweaked to do exacly what you want to do when configured just-so.


I moved it. If 30 is not enough, I don’t think I really want it enough to ask for more.