How to allow people to join my server

So I’ve created a server that runs perfectly fine and I’m able to connect to it locally, but the problem is that I can’t manage to figure out how to allow other people to join it that aren’t on the same wifi. I set up the port forwarding with the External Start Port, External End Port, Internal Start Port, and Internal End Port all being 25565. I’m not sure if they are all supposed to be 25565 or not so I just assumed that would work. When someone tries to join the server they end up getting this error:$annotatedconnectexception: connection timed out: no further information:

I found out that this has something to do with a firewall on my machine but I tried disabling the Windows firewall and the same error occurred.

If you’re on Windows, in your files, make sure that the bind IP is

I don’t see any options for “bind IP”

Might also be called server-ip I don’t remember

that didn’t work unfortunately

I tried setting the “server ip” property to my computer’s public ip but that didn’t work either:

[16:57:41] [Server thread/WARN] [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: **** FAILED TO BIND TO PORT!
[16:57:41] [Server thread/WARN] [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: The exception was: Cannot assign requested address: bind

Do you have a static internal/private IP? When you set up port forwarding, if you do not have an internal IP that is static, whenever you’re computer reboots, you’ll likely need to re-setup port forwarding

I set up the port forwarding using the IPv4 address: and then I use my public IP address to allow people to join the server. Neither of them have changed as they are the static addresses that are assigned to my computer.

The first thing i would do is check that the ports are actually open. There are multiple tools online for port checking. (Wouldnt believe the amount of times my router has said the ports are open when they weren’t)

If the ports are open then make sure your firewall(s) have the port open. I say firewall(s) as some anti virus software comes with its own firewall such as AVG.

I would also make sure that your router is pointing to the right ip. I know you said that your local pc and router have static ips, I just mean that its the correct static ip and it is actually static. Just check your local ip hasnt changed.

ok so I checked if the port 25565 was open and it turned out that it was not open. Also, the local IP that I’ve been using has been the same so I’m pretty certain that it is static. I haven’t been able to see if anyone could join the game from the same wifi but I know that I am able to join the server from my host computer.

When you get the port open. I would check that people can join the server from your own network (wifi/wired). You do this by getting them to join the static ip you assigned the server. Just to make sure everything is working on the server side

I’m not sure if you’d be able to help me with this but I am really struggling trying to set up this port. I added the port and made sure it was the exact same ip as the one assigned to my computer but for some reason it just won’t work

Whats your router model name? Ive used many routers so hopefully i have tackled yours.

It’s wnr2000v3.

Personally i have never touched ports with a netgear router sadly.

Here is a pretty good tutorial for opening the ports on it (just ignore the software that they try and get you to download - its designed for windows XP and is just horrible)

yeah I’ve actually already come across this tutorial and it didn’t really help because I’m still unable to open the port. I set up the custom port and everything but I check whether or not it’s open and it continues to tell me that it’s closed. I think I’m just gonna buy a cheap server instead because I’ve been trying to resolve this issues for days now. Are there any services that you recommend? I saw that Pebble hosting has 1 GB of RAM for $12 a year but I read that their hardware is outdated.

Sadly your asking the wrong guy. I haven’t hosted from a service in years. I only typically do plugin development and testing my development these days.

When it comes to forge minecraft server I would recommend at least 2GB of ram. As for outdated hardware, it doesnt really matter as long as its capable of running a minecraft server. I personally used to have my dev server on a old 2003 dell laptop, Intel Pentium 4 and half a gig of ram but it did the job back in 2016.

Alright sounds good, and thank you for all the help recently.

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For that price, that service probably will not support a sponge server.

If you have a budget, I could probably get you a list of hosts that are in that range.

That would be awesome if you could because I don’t really have any experience with hosting services. I’d like to get something that’s around $3 a month and would be able to support sponge as well as the Pixelmon Mod as that’s what I’ve been making plugins for recently.