How to announce when a player finds diamonds?


Is there a plugin that I can use and setup so I can see if a player is a finding an unusual amount of diamonds? or maybe some other anti xray plugin that would help. I’ve tried using the mirage plugin, but the x ray mod and resource pack I tested with are still fully functional.


There was a plugin called Ore Announce but I think it’s not updated anymore.
About Mirage, several configurations are available, if the default configuration does not suit you, you can modify to use more powerful configurations.


I’ve tried changing some things but the xrays I’m testing are still working. The ones I’ve tested are A------- X— and X— U-------


I will try these mods as soon a possible and contact you. In the future, please avoid posting such mods directly on the forum but send me them in private.


Okay. Thank you.


I had some time to test your mod and your resource pack and Mirage works normally. However I suggest you to use the modifier random as it’s more efficient in your situation. If you have issues while configuring the plugin feel free to contact me.


Alright. Thanks for the help.