Husk will be much better than sponge

You guys are great for being so willing to help but as I suspected, it was way too fast and far too overeager. Husk is going to be much, much better than sponge much, much faster.

Can’t tell if serious or troll. So…


Wow… really? I don’t think so xD

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It doesn’t even look like the website is entirely functional or even informative at this point. I’m still thinking Sponge is coming along better so far.



Are you guys serious? Husk has the full backing of Mojang and Microsoft (edit: this is inaccurate; I was misinformed) and is ready now. Sponge doesn’t stand a chance.

(edit: please note my hostility for Sponge was misplaced, I was just very frustrated at the obviously rude and trollish attitude coming at me based on my genuine post)

I can’t find any information about Enterprise Minecraft, openplay (or something that looks similar to the website), or even anything about Husk aside from a Reddit post which is just as vague and this. It just sounds entirely false as it stands, or is the least transparent project I’ve ever seen.


Going to close this as its purpose seems to be inflammatory.

We, and I’m sure the community, welcomes competition.


It’s been announced. Husk will beat sponge. With Microsofts resources, sponge doesn’t stand a chance. I appreciate the massive community desire to help minecraft continue, but you REALLY jumped the gun. You should’ve listened to dinnerbone.

@tebbenjo @Niall7459
i heard a rumour that mojang spent the entire 2.5 billion on spinny chairs!
lol jk


This is merely opinion. You are entitled to it. A lot of people are flagging this post. I don’t want to create an echo chamber where only things people WANT to discuss are allowed in open view. I’m going to continue to defer flags on this post because of this even if I completely disagree with you.

Please save your moderation flags for actually offensive or off topic posts. Of course, it could be argued that this is off topic, but so are many other posts in this topic. This one has been flagged because people disagree. I’m not playing that game :slight_smile:


from a SEO perspective, it stands like so:
Husk:0 - Sponge:1

from an open-source point of view:
Husk:0 - Sponge:1

how about the communities?
Husk:0 - Sponge:1

This is all from what I have gathered, after doing some research. Some server owners don’t look as deep as I do. Again, this is merely my view and opinion, like @DarkArcana said.

considering someone tried to buy an island, that may not be as far off as you might think. xD

got a like from support. I feel pretty now. :heartpulse:


Why do you think Husk beats Sponge? What do they have we haven’t?

Wow, have you even looked at husk? Sponge is better in pretty much every way, husk doesn’t even have a forum, or if it does it is not plainly obvious to me. Also, lets see, sponge has quite a few developers from bukkit who spent the last two freakin years working on a Minecraft API, certainly they can’t compete with whoever the Husk team is

(edit: much of the info I listed about Husk is not true, I was misinformed)
A working product for starters…
The backing of Mojang and Microsoft… People being actually paid to work on it full time… A wealth of plugins that already work right away… Could go on

Also, both APIs have crappy placeholder sites. I don’t see why this has any relevance to how good the APIs will be. I’m not saying Sponge can’t do a good job or maybe even do some things better, but Husk will do it faster because Husk is funded.

I mean as soon as I saw the Husk announce it was clear what was going to happen. Are you guys seriously so glued to Sponge after just a few weeks that you’re going to ignore reality for it?
I appreciate Sponge’s efforts but it’s never a good idea to do something like this in the middle of a crisis, everyone should have waited for the dust to settle. There is no reason for a massive community undertaking like this, it will just split all the pl devs in half and result in worse servers for everyone.

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Can you provide a link to the information where it is stated that Mojang and Microsoft are supporting Husk?


Are you just here to troll? You started a topic stating Husk was going to be better. Then you debate on what sponge should use for a CMS (content management system) in a childish manor. Now you come back again stating that Husk will be better. Please quit going after people personally in your posts, you look down on others opinions yet seem to believe your opinion should be help with respect. If you are not here to contribute to the project and better it for the future while being mature in the process, we do not need this here. Thank you.


Well mister @TelFiRE from reading most of your posts on various threads it would seem that you quite enjoy playing devil’s advocate (that or you are just a very cynical person; I can’t tell), and although some may see that as offensive or trolly I can respect someone who is willing to voice an unpopular opinion in order to make the rest of us think more carefully about our currently set opinions. My problem here lies in the delivery, where in I believe you are losing this target audience to aggravation, by which you do not cause anyone any logical thought, but only frustration. So my advice to you would be to audit your delivery of these thought provoking oppositionary opinions such as to avoid aggravation in your audience and allow them to properly consider what you have to say without being blinded by an anger toward your troll like delivery.

Husk… is ridiculous.

  1. None of the links on the Husk-Website are clickable.
  2. There’s no information about the developers
  3. There’s no information about social network pages
  4. There’s no GitHub
  5. The reddit (which I found randomly) says “Don’t downvote based on opinion.” and what about up-voting? “Upvote based on opinion!” right?

May everyone build up their own opinion about Husk.


Alright, so this won’t go too far offtopic, visit this thread for discussions about Husk vs Sponge.

You know guys, there is a lesson somewhere at the last part of this thread… (and it is slightly off-topic).

Something called Husk is judged based on quality and quantity of information available to the public. I had mentioned this on few occasions and tried to point out how important is to deal with the community and project foundation work at the very beginning, even before the takeover from Microsoft.

I see no reason and justification to be so secretive or uninterested in that part of the project/community. Yes, coding is something that the founders and the most prominent members are interested in the most, but neglecting everything else for no obvious reasons helps situations like this (in relation to Husk).

From what I saw in the posts of @sk89q and others, I don’t think that they are uninterested completely at this time, it seems that they have more important and interesting things to do (namely, programming).
I don’t think that you would feel threatened if you would allow someone, who is not (primarily) interested in programming, to step in and help you and us come up with a few pivotal pieces of information about what this endeavor is all about.
Try to define what should be the mission behind this project, objectives, milestones. What are the constraints? Which are the “red lines” that will not be crossed? Which are the areas for help, support, improvements, suggestions, etc?
Who is the “official” contact for this project and for which topics?
Maybe a little bit about history, present and plans for the future (high-level overview).
At the end, you can make a summary about all the “technical mumbo-jumbo”, as it will be perceived by many, I believe (chosen approaches to API, systems for continuous integration, source code management, ticketing, forum, etc.). :slight_smile:

Having this established you would be providing sufficient information for all the stakeholders (future supporters, programmers, plugin developers, server admins, lurkers, competitors, but also Mojang and Microsoft), which in turn would guarantee that we have left all the necessary doors open. The stakeholders would understand where is this project coming from and where would it like to go, and could make their standpoints based on their interests. Therefore, instead of being concerned and thinking if the project could be hostile or ignorant towards their interests, they could have enough information to “make the next step” whichever that might be (words of support, concerns, proposals, etc.).

I know I am still beating a dead horse but some habits are hard to exterminate. :blush: