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HuskyCrates is the premier Crate plugin for all SpongePowered servers! With tons of features to choose from you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll find yourself absolutely awestruck with how cute the mas-- err, how much you can do so simply with HuskyCrates!

We’re currently going through a big rewrite together with tons of new features and tons of bugs fixed, so bear with me! I’ll make sure this is a fun ride for us all.


Written in the context of the rewrite.

  • Entirely reworked effect system!
    • Custom scripting using JavaScript!
    • Custom particles!
    • Custom colors, which are also scriptable!
    • Preset animations and color animations
    • Customize animations on…
      • idle (crate sitting there, doing nothing)
      • open (person uses crate)
      • win (person collects reward from crate)
      • reject (person tries to use crate with invalid / no / not enough keys)
      • Custom Events! (e.g. run special animation on reward) NYI
    • Ability to just have no particles! Wow!
  • Improved reward system with new reward types!
    • servercommand usercommand servermessage usermessage item effect (effect is nyi)
    • Quality of life features are cool, right?
    • Select a group of rewards at random, rather than all at once, with a given amount to select, or not.
    • Command groups! NYI
      • This means one “Reward” from a random selection can actually have multiple effects at once
      • Helpful for when you need to send a message, give an item and run a command all in the same selection.
  • Improved key system!
    • Crates can now consume a set amount of keys per use
    • Crates can use special keys with their own unique identifiers (e.g. coolkey can be used on gemcrate)
    • Crates still have their own keys, but now they can be customized.
      • Crate’s “local keys” are disabled when “external keys” are defined by default. This is toggle-able, however.
  • Improved Database system!
    • Still using H2 only for now (will change in a future prerelease)
    • No longer updates database immediately. Will push only new changes (preventing lag!) every minute.
  • Improved Hologram System! (currently not implemented!)
    • Custom, multi-line, configurable holograms for your crates.
      • Running a promotion? Slap a Woah! 25% off! below the main crate line!
    • Ability to change how high the hologram is displayed!
    • Literally turn off the stupid things if you want!
  • Brandable Crate Views!
    • You can now change the border and selector items via config!
    • Eventually, you’ll be able to change the sounds as well! Woah!


Demo Video




Why should I donate, codeHusky?
Well, if your server is making money off of the keys from this plugin, and doing quite well from it, I can only ask you to donate to me on Patreon. It supports development of this plugin which in turn helps you keep making money and helping your server. You could pretty much think of it like this: I help you make money, and in turn you encourage me to keep helping.

You aren’t required to donate, though. :slight_smile: But hey, pizza is always nice.

Donate here.


I am aware that GPLv3 allows you to redistribute this plugin wherever you want for the most part. While you can do this, I would like to personally request that you do not make a forum topic or mod page for this plugin on other sites without letting me know. I kinda want to manage how my plugin is portrayed, so I’ll most likely post it myself there if you ask. Thanks!~

Discord Support / Suggestions

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Optional Downloads and Links!

Wiki - Check here for config & command stuff.

Setup Guide ← Go here before the wiki!

Config Creator / Editor


Discord Support


A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.

This is a POTENTIAL bugfix for a user-experience-critical bug. Please read.

  • Attempts to fix an issue where a user can get stuck in an inventory-close loop, preventing them from using the chat, ESC menu, inventory, etc.

You will NEED the latest HuskyUI for this update. Get it here:

A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.

Please make sure you’re using a current version of Sponge before reporting issues.

  • Fixed double reward issue (mostly a HuskyUI bug)
  • Added /hc genitem, which outputs the item in your hand to generateditems.conf for ease of configuring the plugin.

You need the latest HuskyUI (0.6.0-PRE4) for this to work.

Get it here.

is this mod available on pixelmon
Grear mod xD

Well, no, it’s not a “pixelmon mod.” It’s a Sponge plugin.

Just wondering how is the /hc protected from normal users to abuse that ? it’s says there is no permissions in documentation

/hc’s commands are restricted to the huskycrates.admin permission IIRC. I need to document that.

A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.

  • Added scrambleSlots as a feature. Now you can scramble slots again for your spinner views
  • Fixed a null error with /hc genitem

A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.

  • Performance optimizations
  • Fixed a spammy error when an animation preset isn’t defined

Love the plugin! works almost perfectly. the only thing it doesnt do is execute the commands, is there something im missing?

I’m just gonna let you know the support on your discord server sucks and they either halfway know what they are talking about or they don’t know what they are talking about and being asses to everyone. I was looking for help with why when you do the spinner and you land on a reward you win the reward but yet you don’t get the reward and i look at verbose and get this:

29.08 21:51:31 [Server] Server thread/INFO [nucleus]: Server ran the command: /say Congratulations!
29.08 21:51:31 [Server] Server thread/INFO [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: [Server] Congratulations!
29.08 21:51:31 [Server] Server thread/INFO [STDOUT]: [com.codehusky.huskyui.states.Page:interrupt:426]: Interrupt ran.
29.08 21:51:31 [Server] Server thread/INFO [STDOUT]: [com.codehusky.huskyui.states.Page:interrupt:437]: Updater cancelled
29.08 21:51:31 [Server] Server thread/INFO [STDOUT]: [com.codehusky.huskyui.states.Page:interrupt:439]: Updater set to null.
29.08 21:51:31 [Server] Server thread/WARN [Sponge]: This player is currently modifying an open container. This action will be delayed.

I’ve sent this to them twice on discord and they have bluntly ignored it and questioned me about my commands and the huskycrate has nothing to do with my commands besides spawning one and giving a key and it works yes but on one of my crates it half works.

So please respond ASAP please because I’m not gonna keep talking to them on discord because now its been almost 30 minutes since the last response but yet it took them forever to even respond to me and avoided me and answered everyone else even though i asked a question waaaay before the other person.

This is free support. People have lives and are not required to reply immediately. There is plenty of documentation to help with pretty much any error out there. If not, take the error, post it on pastebin and link it in the support discord and someone will help when they have time.


I’ve seen how rude you are on the discord to people, and this is why no one will help you. No one is required to help you. Read up on the docs, check your console for errors. It isnt that hard to figure out.

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Well this is getting off topic. This thread isnt meant to be your personal help page. Also, we can just go abck through the HC discord and screenshot how rude you were to support people for not helping you as soon as you wanted it.

If a crate isnt giving out the thing you wanted, means it was setup wrong and it is a USER caused error. Meaning you did something wrong on your end for things not to work. Do research. 99% of issues can be fixed with RESEARCH.

If you can not figure out simple debugging, then you have no business running a server.

I’ll be transparent here and explain what happened just for future reference.

LPC joined the support discord and asked for help with an error and provided a short bit of logs or something. After a short period of waiting (within an hour or two if I recall correctly), he complained about the responsiveness of server support staff. Someone else chimed in, and then a member of the server criticized them for being impatient. Things got disrespectful rather quickly so I stepped in and, of course, mentioned that support was not provided for free and that they weren’t entitled to immediate support. I also went over how this is purely volunteer work and nobody’s being paid in any way for their time helping folks out. (I did also call him rude because he was being rather disrespectful.) Then he left.

My support staff are anything but rude if you’re patient and have reasonable expectations. Come check it out for yourself if you’d like to see. I, of course, can’t be around all the time to help, but they certainly are more than helpful for the large majority of users.


A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.

Do not use this version. Use 2.0.0RC2.

Remember to always backup existing configs before updating! This is VERY important for this release!

File Structure Modified/Updated

- Multi-Crate config support, you can now seperate each crate in seperate files
- Crate/Key config(s) have been moved to the /config/huskycrates/crates/ directory
- Database/Generated Items config(s) have been moved to the /config/huskycrates/storage/ directory
- Migration code in place to move existing files into new locations/naming structure

New Features

- New Command /hc open [nokey] <crate> [player/@a] - allows opening of a crate from a remote location
  - Permission :
    # Targeting player will instead attempt to open the crate for them
      - Permission :
    # Targeting @a will instead attempt to open the crate for all players
      - Permission :
    # Adding the optional argument of "nokey" will not perform a key check when opening the crate
      - Permission :
- New Command /hc generatecrate <name> <inventory/item> - generates a crate configuration based on the item(s) in your inventory or hand.
  - Permission : huskycrates.admin
NOTE : This comes with preconfigured values that should be tweaked/modified for the crate to be complete however it should generated a base for you to work from!
- New Command /hc generateinventory - inventory based command that functions exactly the same as the /hc generateitem command
  - Permission : huskycrates.admin
    # Generates to config/huskycrates/storage/generatedinventories.conf
- New Duplication Log config/huskycrates/storage/dupealert.log
    # Writes to file everytime a player triggers a duplication check providing information regarding the situation
- New crate configuration node previewShowsRewardCount
    # If false, when the crate is previewed it will not show the reward count.
- New Default Crate-Config
    # If your crate directory (config/huskycrates/crates/) is empty, a config will be pushed to the directory for you so you have an example to look into!
- New EXPERIMENTAL Main-Config node/feature virtualKeyDatabase
    # Can be used to store virtual keys remotely in a mysql database
      - Enabled/Disabled via useRemoteDatabase within
      - If enabled, changes logic to update virtual key balance when player joins and immediately push their used keys to database.
NOTE : Requires "huskycrates" schema/database to be created in your sql instance previously ; plugin will create columns

Other Changes

- Items that are not provided with a configured name will now appropriately assume the item's name

If you run into problems, please join the support Discord.

A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.

Please check RC1’s changelog for important changes.

This update patches the Security Key system. RC1 allows users to use duplicated keys and should no longer be used.

Can I exchange the key for something else

A new version has been released for HuskyCrates, it is available for download here.


  • /hc open now works as intended when used from a non-player source


  • Updated /hc to print out more commands and their usages than it used to
  • Added /hc wand which is currently non-functional, wait for a future update for this to work.