📦 HuskyCrates [v2.0.0-PRE8] [API 5-7] - Give everyone keys, use Custom Particles, Keys, and more!


this is the wrong plugin page my friend you are using GWM

[05:55:07] [Server thread/INFO] [gwm_crates/sponge]: Successfully loaded Saved Super Object “CASE” with saved ID “my_case_saved_id” and ID “my_case_id”!
[05:55:07] [Server thread/INFO] [gwm_crates/sponge]: Successfully loaded Saved Super Object “KEY” with saved ID “my_key_saved_id” and ID “my_key_id”!
[05:55:07] [Server thread/INFO] [gwm_crates/sponge]: Successfully loaded Saved Super Object “OPEN_MANAGER” with saved ID “my_open_manager_saved_id” and ID “my_open_manager_id”!
[05:55:07] [Server thread/INFO] [gwm_crates/sponge]: Successfully loaded Saved Super Object “DECORATIVE_ITEMS_CHANGE_MODE” with saved ID “my_change_mode_saved_id” and ID “my_change_mode_id”!
[05:55:07] [Server thread/INFO] [gwm_crates/sponge]: Successfully loaded Saved Super Object “PREVIEW” with saved ID “my_preview_saved_id” and ID “my_preview_id”!
[05:55:07] [Server thread/INFO] [gwm_crates/sponge]: Successfully loaded Saved Super Object “DROP” with saved ID “my_drop1_saved_id” and ID “my_drop1_id”!
[05:55:07] [Server thread/INFO] [gwm_crates/sponge]: All Saved Super Objects loaded!
[05:55:07] [Server thread/INFO] [gwm_crates/sponge]: “GameStarting” complete!


Appears to be an issue with a mod on your server or client. Not sure what’s causing it but I can look closer later.
Also, have no idea if GWM conflicts with Husky Crates at all.


it did not conflict at all with 1.7.2 so no clue why it would now.


did you even see the logs? im using both Husky’s and gwm.


why use both xD that only can cause issues


not really, like i said it caused 0 issues with 1.7.2 and one big main reason, it allows me to use item crates, for example i can use an item to allow players to heal themselfs instead of going to the healers and they can purchase this crate item in our admin shop.


Could I get everything inside of your /config/huskycrates/ folder?


sure but ill pm you it


v1.8.0-PRE2.1 has been out (for API 5-7)

Forgot to put this here, oopsies.

Please ignore the mod conflict login message if it displays no mods. That was a logic oversight by me.

Join the support discord (linked in the forum topic) for release notifications~

You must use HuskyUI v0.4.1+! Download it here! (HuskyUI may not support API 8 at this time, will update it if it doesn’t.)

As usual, backup your config (and your database this time!!!)

Bug Fixes

  • Added support for API 8 as of 1/17/2018
    • Changed from deprecated/dead method (ItemStack#getItem) to new method (ItemStack#getType)
  • Fixed issues with world file changes breaking crate placement, keys…
  • Fixed unreported bug due to mistake in DBReader.java (copy paste oopsie)
  • Fixed mistake in help menu (now specifies /hc block, not /hc chest)


  • /husky reload is now found under /hc reload, /hc rl or /hc r
  • Improved mod conflict warning mechanism due to false bug reports
    • Spoiler: It’s a lot louder now about things not working right.


Players can shift click items out of the spinner type crate.https://gyazo.com/bdc4af88ea38bed9bc0819ad4d48cb03


bug with recent sponge build, fixed in a new build coming out after i think forge 2450


An update is coming out soon that addresses issues with databases and high CPU usage. Stay tuned.

If you want the build early, join my discord server linked in the main post. It’s in user announcements.


i dont know if you know this but on restart it makes the keys people had invaild and it hisses at me everytime… and scares me alot. can there be a way to disable the hissing and make the keys still vaild after restarts?


I’m working on a fix. That’s actually a bug right now.

For now delete the data.mv.db and the other data file while the server is off and then turn it back on


A rewrite of HuskyCrates is currently being worked on!
Wanna see what I have so far? Join the demo server!



Update: v2.0.0-PRE1 is out!

The feature list is way too expansive to repost. Make sure to check it out at the GitHub Releases page linked in the original topic post!

Report any issues you run into, and feel free to suggest features! <33


v2.0.0-PRE2 is out!

Use HuskyUI v0.5.2-PRE for this!

Changes since PRE1

  • Added effect-on-reward system
    • type=effect, then inside effect set up a particle effect.
    • set effectOnPlayer inside the reward to set the origin to the players coords
  • Reward groups, meaning arrays of rewards inside the main array of rewards
  • Hologram system. Reference the example config.
  • Free Crates
  • Crate use cooldown
  • Customizable rejection effects (reference example config)
  • clientside particles
  • Particles can now have defined offset ranges.

The example config can be found on the release page!


I have a problem with the 1.8 version on api 5, the plugin displays the mod confict error and say the plugin could not be activated, and nothing works.
How can I fix this?


You need to be more specific. Send screenshots of what you’re doing and what isn’t working, and if there are error logs please post them. Thanks.


Sorry, im stupid, it works now, I was just using the wrong commands, anyway this is the message that appears http://prntscr.com/ivnqao , is this message removable? and I still don’t understand how to place the crate, in your wiki there is only stuff like config examples and command and permissions list.
Am I making something wrong? Thanks.
(the wiki im looking is this one https://huskycrates.readthedocs.io/en/1.7.x/getting_started.html)