📦 HuskyCrates [v2.0.0-PRE8] [API 5-7] - Give everyone keys, use Custom Particles, Keys, and more!


Please just ignore that message for now. In the next update it’ll be fixed.

To place a crate, you accquire a crate placement block with /HC block <crate ID>. It may get placed in your inventory instead of in the hotbar so double check. Once you have the item, just place it down. The plugin should handle the rest.


Ok, thank you a lot :wink:


Just a bit of an update for everyone on the forums.

The config converter is nearly ready for use.

Also, we almost have 2.0.0 somewhat usable for production servers in a testing state, besides a few glaring issues like a lack of view types, vkey functionality and key consumption. Stay tuned~


v2.0.0-PRE3 is out!

Use HuskyUI v0.5.2-PRE for this!

Your old database file (v2.0.0-PRE2 or before) will NOT work with this release. Please delete it, or, if you know how, drop the KEYBALANCES table.

The config converter is in an experimental state right now! If you wanna try it out, use the jar posted below with the name HuskyCratesConverter-0.3.0PRE1.jar,

Changes since PRE2

  • Holograms will now go away if their block is removed or if the crate stops existing in almost all cases.
  • Added proper command system
    • /hc blk <key or crate> [user]
      • huskycrates.block.base, huskycrates.block.others
    • /hc key [v] <key or crate> [user or @a] [amount]
      • huskycrates.key.base, huskycrates.key.others, huskycrates.key.all, huskycrates.key.virtual
    • /hc bal [user or uuid]
      • huskycrates.bal.base, huskycrates.bal.others
    • /hc reload
      • huskycrates.reload
  • Fixed keys in general
  • Added counterorbit animation preset
  • Changed particles origin to configurable position field.
  • item reward type can now return the display item
  • Added key reward type
    • Set the key id for the key within data
    • Override the key count via keyCount=NUMBER
  • Enchantments now work properly
  • Added messages to huskycrates.conf and crates.conf
    • Examples will show some usage of these features.
  • Added ability to toggle key security within huskycrates.conf
  • Full virtual key support now works
  • You can now place crates in survival! (long term bug fixed.)
  • damage is aliased with meta and metadata within items.


v2.0.0-PRE4 is out!


  • Fixed virtual keys
  • Fixed crate placement in survival
  • Fixed particle presets, hologram collision issues


Quick Guide to 2.x


Key Delivery
/hc key [v] <crate or key id> [amount] [user or @a]


  • /hc key v coolCrate
    • Gives you a virtual key to the crate coolCrate
  • /hc key coolCrate 10 @a
    • Gives everyone online 10 keys for the crate coolCrate



Instead of items=[], it is now slots=[]
Slots are different than items. Instead of huskydata we now organize it a bit cleaner.


Items are the same besides you currently can’t put a damage value inside id (minecraft:planks:3), you must have it in a separate damage=NUM line. Also, enchants is now enchantments.

Rewards are different. You can now do many different types.

  • ServerCommand
    • Equivalent to the old Command type.
  • UserCommand
    • Same as server command except the user who won the reward is used to run the command.
  • ServerMessage
    • Sends a message to the whole server.
  • UserMessage
    • Sends a message to the user who won the item
  • Effect
    • Displays an effect.
  • Item
    • Gives the display item or a configured item if you want.

You can group rewards.
[ Reward, [ Reward, Reward ] ]
In this example, the second reward is actually two. This is nice for randomly selected rewards.


Awesome update, I really like the rewrite :+1:

I was wondering if you could possibly make the inner classes in https://github.com/codeHusky/HuskyCrates-Sponge/blob/rewrite/src/main/java/com/codehusky/huskycrates/crate/virtual/Slot.java, such as Reward and the RewardType enum public, so that it’s easier to access them externally. I always love adding support for your plugin into mine, and that would be a great help :slight_smile:


Will do! Lemme know if you need anything else exposed. Made the registry specifically to make it easier to work with HuskyCrates externally, and internally. <3


After restarting the server, I do not have data on the crates and keys from the players. As if I did not place the crates and did not give out the keys. I’m using the latest version of the plugin.
Also noticed one more bug. In the roulette window, one prize is displayed, but a completely different one is issued.
I apologize for my english, I used google translator.


Not bad on the old google translate. With roulette, that is usually chalked up to tps lag in my experiences. No idea on the other issue.


You are currently using 1.8.0 or 1.7.2, I can imagine.

Please use 2.0.0.


I’m using the latest release of the plugin.

I’m not sure what the problem is in the TPS, it’s usually quite high.


2.0.0 is not compatible with anything from 1.x so don’t bother trying to use databases from 1.x

Also idk what latest version means to you so I need a version number.

What your describing will not happen in 2.x unless you personally have done something incorrect.


I deleted the database and rebooted the server, that the database would be regenerated. Then I put the crates and gave out the keys to them. Then I made another restart, the crates and keys did not boot.
My config crates - https://pastebin.com/Nfw2929S.
Because of the comments, you can get confused, but I had to write everything in this way because of the discrepancy between the given and the displayed prizes in the window.


If there was a discrepancy between what was shown and what was rewarded, you should have reported that as a bug.

I don’t understand exactly what you mean about the crate and keys did not boot, but I’d like to see your logs (all of the ones not in compressed files, just the text ones).

If you plan on continuing to use this plugin (which it seems not from your activity) I’ll need the logs because it’s more than likely something you’ve done wrong.


v2.0.0-PRE5 is out for API 7.x!


  • Added in simple and instant crate views.
  • Added placeholder functionality for roulette crate. (will not work, but won’t break your config.)
  • /hc nbt - Gives NBT data (in HOCON/config-compatible format!) for held item.


  • Fixed NPE when giving keys to user without specifying a count.
  • Fixed visual issues with spinner crate view’s item selection
  • Fixed error on startup with modded items due to loading HuskyCrates too early.


  • Removed dependency with JavaFX (now compatible with OpenJDK)
  • Rejection effects will now play clientside if possible.
  • Plugin version number includes pre-release number now.

Known problems

  • Crate rewards can be given to the wrong person (SpongeForge issue, last reported on SF 3005)
    • Workaround: Downgrade to older versions of SpongeForge.


How can I use this plugin?
Can you provide a config file?
Why is my config empty?


Everything should be on the wiki - https://huskycrates.readthedocs.io/en/2.0.x/


Although it’s all on the wiki, it doesn’t work.
If you give the player a box?


You don’t give the player the box, you give them the key for the box and place the box somewhere where they can use the key on it.