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I have the jar sponge-1.7.10- that i created by following all the steps after downloading sponge. In eclipse I can run it as an client or server. But, I would like to know if i can create an .bat file to run the jar as client or server. (1 bat for client, 1 for server)
Also, how to run jar file as client or server on command line

You do realize that this is nowhere near ready for release right?


I wouldn’t recommend you running that snapshot

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The only thing sponge is capable at this point is sending a start or break event to plugins (with the events throwing methodnotimplentedexceptions). Also so far I know there is no plugin dev that already released their plugins (what is understandable, as the API isn’t ready yet).

I don’t understand why you want to run Sponge while it can’t do nothing usefully at this point.

  1. I’m pretty sure the Sponge-Client is not out at the moment
  2. Why did you duplicate this thread?

You do know that @disconsented is a mod right? I’m sure they of all people know the status of Sponge. Have you even read any faqs or About pages??? Or even googled?? Plus what @thomas15v said was very relevant because they were explaining to you how and why Sponge is completely useless at this point.


Hi HeirOfChairs! If you look at my 3rd topic, it will explain what I am asking and shows just how wrong both of you are. Thanks!

why would you make three topics for the same thing

why wouldn’t you just

edit your first post or post it here

If anyone is posting usless crap, its you for making three separate topics for the Exact. Same. Thing. Just because a couple people didn’t answer your question the way you wanted it to be answered.

But I wont get caught in a flame war over something as insane as this and I’ll link you a few faqs. But I have a question, If you won’t be using it for running a Sponge server then why would you want to run the jar as a server or a client now??? Sponge will be able to do that on release when you put it in the forge coremods folder.

Edit: I’m not sure if these faqs will fix your problem but it’ll at least give you an idea about what exactly sponge is now, how it’ll work, and what it will become since you seem to be confused about something somewhere. And if you’re not, then rather than being rude and immature maybe you should explain why you’re doing this and why you must do it now when it would normally be completely pointless.

Official FAQ

Common misconceptions

Ok. Thank you HeirOfChairs for the link for faq. I feel like everyone is not on the same page here. In a different topic someone said put the snapshot jar into the mods folder on an forge server. I downloaded minecraft 1.7.10 server jar, ran it, got forge jar, ran it, made forge server. I then put the snapshot jar into the mods folder of the server. Some error happened, and it didn’t work. When you download sponge from github, it has a readme file explaining the steps of building the jar file or whatever in eclipse. I did that, and could run the sponge server and client from eclipse, as shown in the readme file. So my whole point is, I can litteraly run the sponge server from the program eclipse, and the client, but since running server and client is possible (from eclipse), I don’t think if people were going to go on sponge server now, they would want to download eclipse and all the crap to launch the client from eclipse to go on the server which I will be running from eclipse. Is there any other way of running the server/client with jar or running some other way without downloading eclipse and all the crap?

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Thank you for explaining what you’re doing and making it clear.

No. Sponge isn’t finished or even in alpha yet so there isn’t any way to actually run any part of it in a meaningful way (or maybe even at all). Sponge will be out for Forge 1.8 not the current 1.7 release of forge. That’s why you had those errors trying to run it. Forge 1.8 isn’t even out yet so Sponge wont be ready until then anyway.

The recent announcement revealed that they cant do much more until forge 1.8 and the ECS is figured out. If they finish the ECS before forge, the only thing it’ll provide is something that the plugin devs can start working from until they can test Sponge later.

Sponge can’t be run by itself like bukkit because, like already stated, it needs to run off of something else. Yes in the future there are plans for it to be run as a standalone but that wont be for a long time. And even then it will need minecraft or glowstone to run it not just clicking the jar and trying to get it to work.

Sponge, once it releases, will be able to be used on Clients and servers because it’s just a coremod. It can be used on either one since Forge can be installed on the clients too.

Edit: Also i’d like to point out, this isnt like a minecraft snapshot that can be used with a few bugs, this is something that can’t even be run yet.


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