I need help with particles


I’m using Sponge API 7.
So I had an idea for a crate with particles effects in it. For the crate i would like to use GWMCrates. I want to have a command with CommandUtils (/particle) that opens a menu from VirtualChest of all the particles you have gotten from crates. Then you can click the representing item for the effect and that type of particle would randomly spawn around you.

Is there a way to do this with plugins?


Can you explain what you want in another way, preferably with more detail and examples?

From what i am understanding, your wanting to use GWMCrates to store particles, then your wanting a command based system to open a inventory to show all particles you have got from the crates? As particles are not item stacks they can not be directly stored within a chest, however you can have an item that holds a particle type next to its name. Oh and the particles will spawn around the player at random points for a undetermind time frame. Is that correct? If so yes its possible.


GWMCrates has items in the crate that represent the particles. When you get that item in the crate, it is stored in a VirtualChest menu, and when you click on the particle in the VirtualChest menu, it removes the particle you already have selected, and selects the one you clicked.
I buy a Jester Crate (the name for the particle crate) from my buycraft store. I open the crate, and it randomly selects the fire particles. I can type /particle and click on the blaze powder (the representing item) and then groups of flame particles would appear every 10 ticks. That is the best i can do to explain.

How much would this plugin cost to have made?

Sounds very possible for a plugin to do something like that


Most likely, somewhen (but likely not anytime soon, I’m probably going to be busy for some time) it’s going to be possible to do something like that using only GWMCrates and Cosmetics.
An idea is like that:

  1. Make necessary effects using Cosmetics.
  2. Add COMMAND DROPs to your crate, with some command from the permission plugin that gives a player a permission to use some particle effect (a “cosmetic”).
  3. A player can use something like /cosmetics gui to choose the effects they want to enable/disable.

But again, those are only my plans, don’t count on them.