I need help with PermissionEx [SOLVED]

Normally I use GroupManager since I prefer it in every way, but PermissionEx is still very useful and I know how to use it… until now. Its “permisison.json” is so confusing to me and the commands always end up saying “Too many arguments!” and the wiki is no good either. Can anyone help me on making a simple permission file with only 3 groups?

Perhaps this may help: 🔑 PermissionsEx v2.0 [API 5] - #419 by p0wd3r

I’d also suggest skimming through that thread to see if any questions you may have got answered. It’s pretty long so stay positive, but there’s a lot of things people have clarified in there that aren’t in the documentation as far as I know.

That looks amazing! Just one issue; I tried to remove the rank ladder and the plugin crashed. I havent changed anything yet BUT the rank ladder. Did I do it right? Heres the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/xZnYxymk

short sidenote:
zml doesn’t offer support for manual editing of the config file, his only supported way is the usage of ingame commands to setup PEX/the config. :wink:

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Oh alright; to tell you the truth I didn’t wanna do it in game due to laziness but I guess its the only way!

Not the only way. There’s just no documentation on the configuration of the data. If you’re able to manually edit and format JSON files (or whatever format a file is in) then you can edit it. If you wish to do so without documentation, it will take testing. For example, you can make some groups etc with commands, see the result, then you can mimic it manually.

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If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is your issue…

"schema-version": 4,

You need to remove the , from the end. I used jsonlint.com to validate the json file, very helpful!