I own spng.pw - What would you want me to use it for

I registered the domain name spng.pw.

I plan to put it to use for the Sponge community. What would you like to see it be used for? Url shortener, maven repos, plugins stats, etc. Any ideas are welcomed!


Just redirect it to spongepowered.com :slight_smile:

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I did something similar with spmc.co, simple forwards. If you have a web host associated with the domain, maybe could do something more interesting with it. Maybe find a way to shorten forum links or something instead.

If you’d rather do forwards, here are some I did with spmc.co.

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I was thinking something like


like spng.pw/3294 for this thread


If it’s possible. Not familiar with shorteners honestly, so not sure how ya’d be able to rebuild part of the forum URL with just the ID, but looks nice.

Maybe another /post# after that

@OffLuffy You only need the ID, no need to rebuild the rest.

it’s actually very simple, you get the request uri, parse :threadid and :commentid(optional) and redirect to forums.spongepowered.org/t/:threadid/:commentid

yeah, just noticed that XD Thought ya would need that horrible name part in the URL, apparently not necessary.

Guess ya don’t need the web host either. Can use f.spmc.co/t/3294/5 on mine already, but not as short as it could be.

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That right there is CNAME’s exact purpose. :smile:

A webhost would make this even shorter, though.

server {
    server_name f.spmc.co;
    return 301 http://forums.spongepowered.org/t/$request_uri;

The above, providing you’re using nginx, would do something like:

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But then where would just ‘f.spmc.co’ forward to?


Ah, makes sense. I’d think it’s short enough as it is, not too interested in trying to set up a more complex system XD

On another note, just added Twitter and IRC forwards to spmc.co

My ideas for any Sponge URL shortener:

Problem with this: Maybe the custom shortener is used for things it should not: “Hey, could you install the plugin spng.pw/r/griefprevention” could let bad admins install viruses or similar things…

any url shortener has that security problem

Not really - when you get a bit.ly link you know exactly that you don’t know to what page it will redirect you to. But if spng.pw/griefprevention means something completely different than spng.pw/r/griefprevention, you are easily fooled… :wink:

You still don’t know what’s on the other end with or without the /r/. I don’t get what you mean.

There is in option to name the bit.ly links as well if you have an account, which kinda makes the point invalid.

But I think what he’s saying is that a malicious link can be placed on a short URL, even if the link is named to look like a legit link. In contrast, bit.ly links are generally masked anyways so there’s no telling what it forwards to.

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I wouldnt use domains owned by someone else than core Sponge team(or SysOp… or similar).

If owner stops paying for the domain, all links on different forums and internet in general would have dead links.
Malicious use.

Good point, but consider that Sponge relies quite heavily on community. They link to community created post to show new people what to look for, etc. I wouldn’t mind transferring ownership to someone in the Sponge team if they want, but point is, they don’t mind allowing the community to pick up some slack.

I wouldn’t mind either transferring the domain to Sponge, the reason I registered it was to counter any possible misuse of the domain.