If Sponge runs on forge, What does Sponge do on a client

The title says it all…

Well, allow you to use plugins in SP

Alright, Thanks!

Is this accurate? I ask because I thought Sponge was not dependent on anything, but instead would allow forge mods and (more importantly to many) bukkit plugins to work, both under one system? Just wondering and seeking clarification, as there are 1000’s of server admins watching and waiting in the wings for something to take their server from 1.7.9 to 1.8, whilst retaining their existing bukkit plugins.

No, Bukkit plugins won’t work with sponge unless they are ported. BlizzardFyre is keeping a list of the plugins that are going to be ported.

The Sponge API has no dependencies, it’s an API afterall. The official Sponge implementation (The thing that you actually use on your server) will be a Forge coremod. That way, Forgemods and (Sponge-)Plugins will be able to work together.

Remember pore! Yes, forge runs an internal server and there seems to be no reason to think sponge would not work the same on the internal server, so you should be able to load sponge plugins in SP

*Minecraft runs an internal server

facepalm at self. Not sure what I was thinking when I posted this, I KNEW bukkit plugins needed to be converted, I just got caught up on other projects I’d visited earlier in the day, and really got thrown when I read about sponge running as a mod to Forge, as I thought it was going to be it’s own stand-alone product, and not a Forge mod. While I was hopeful about Sponge being the craftbukkit replacement, I specifically didn’t want to run a forge server because of the ‘hassles’ making sure clients all have the same data. So not sure if this project is gonna be for me after all, which is unfortunate as it’s certainly got the most momentum and seemingly the largest dev. team, which as an avid user, is always appreciated. As an admin of servers, I need to find the quickest, best solution to get servers running bukkit with plugins to something else, as quick and compatitably as possible. Will have watch and review, maybe I got this wrong.

Forge in 1.8 will no longer require the client to have forge. If you want to run mods on your server tho (not plugins) you wull have to have forge and your desired mods on the client due to technical limitations (although sending mods to the client is being discussed… theyll need forge and sponge anyway.)

Oh, didn’t know that - That’s awesome.