If you had 1 Million dollars/pounds/whatever what would you buy

if you had 1 million dollars i would make a gaming pc that is $10.000 dollars
and i would also get a Razer Naga Epic Chroma
and a Razer BlackWidow Chroma
also i would buy 2 monitors
and i would also buy 5 tickets
to minecon for my family

So much Razer. #Roccat

I’d get a custom-built ChillBlast PC then save the rest.


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wetsponge how can you edit my title
just wanting to know

I would buy: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/D7bcrH and my own data center with servers :slight_smile:

I will have 1 million platinum bars.
I will buy EVERYTHING.

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I would buy a few programmer slaves and order them to program

  • a better clone of Minecraft
  • a city builder game
  • a boring FPS game

Then sell the shooter to earn another million, then buy more slaves…


Regular. I read most of the topics on this forum. :smiley:

Most would go into banks, a bit into some risky investments, and then I’d continue life as usual while knowing any expenses I need are covered for a while.

Oh, and I’d buy a Tesla Model S.


I’d support spongedevs with new Hardware and Jobs. Then support boformers attempt in fps games to gain money and finally buy mojang to make them optimize minecraft. (Rendering and code optimizations and official API anyone?)

He said 1 million dollars, not 2.5 billion. get ur facts strait.

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Was there really a need to double post?

reread my post please. I said “xy to GAIN money THEN buy mojang”. :wink:

I would:

  • Place it on a saving account
  • Live of the interest
  • Tell nobody
  • Play games for the rest of my life (kidding lol)
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I would make sure that I can earn more money than before :stuck_out_tongue:

I would buy 1mil dollar bills and put them in a bank account and let it accumulate interest.

Id buy a place I actually like to live in and dimensional technologies to share informantion on things that I need in order to get what I want

10/10 would read again.


But I did.

:smiley: ahahahhaa

I’d buy 6 costumes: a yellow, a blue, a green, a red, a black and a pink one.
I’d hire a team of 5 low-profile multi-ethnic actors.
I’d build a partially racist super computer to give me unneeded advice.

Then I’d start a super hero squad, roaming Earth, fighting monsters and evil accross the land in awfully too bright colors. Did I mention mechas?

Also… kittens. Kittens everywhere.


I would avoid bank accounts. Not enough interest. Get a regular investment account and a decent advisor. Invest the 1 mil, and wait a couple years. Then go buy some toys. Oh, and don’t forget to pay any taxes. :slight_smile: