Industrialization - Pipes, Turtles, auto crafting and more

Industrialization (I15N for short)

This plugins extends the vanilla game in a creative way.

It is inspired by SIP (Sponge Industrialization Project), an idea that appears to have deceased.


Built from armor stands wearing glass panes, these ‘blocks’ transfer items from one location to another.
Currently there is just one type of pipe which will pull/push items with no rules. Other pipes are planned, e.g. one-way pipes.
They are inspired by pipes in the popular BuildCraft mod.

Auto Crafting Bench

Another feature of BuildCraft that I have brought over to vanilla.
Add items to the crafting interface as usual, then when there is an output, the table will start crafting the recipe.
See how the table continues crafting when you don’t have the interface open.
Combine this with pipes to feed input and extract output autonomously!


A FallingSand block atop an armor stand, with another armor stand for the pickaxe.
Inspired by ComputerCraft’s mining turtles, these robots can be programmed to work by themselves.
Currently the only instructions they can do is move and rotate, but they will be able to mine resources, and store items in their own inventory.

Source code available on GitHub


That’s great! :slight_smile:

wow, this is genius !

Wish. Add aliases for commands. Or commands change .


I’m not sure if I can actually release this but I’ve ported the 65el02 CPU from Redpower to vanilla.
I used this emulator written in C RPC8/e / 65el02 emulator / information page

Here’s it with the default floppy disk (a Forth interpreter)

Here’s it with Tetris loaded


This is incredible, great idea!

Dosbox? It’s a Christmas miracle!

Thanks to jDosBox


That’s awesome!


Nostalgic mood :slight_smile:

Any news?..

Lets see… I updated it to 1.12, but there are some difficulties with all the inventory stuff (minecraft no longer allows for negative stack sizes, and the sponge inventory implementation doesn’t seem to work for my needs).

I wrote my own 65el02 emulator, Comparing master...feature/computers · simon816/Industrialization · GitHub

Haven’t worked much on it recently.

What’s with the implementation that doesn’t work for your needs?

Don’t remember all the issues I ran into but I couldn’t create filtered slots (input/output restrictions), sided inventories, observable inventories (probably could do with events), no easy way to serialise/restore the state.

Until more recently there wasn’t a way to create an inventory without a backing entity/tile (which is why I created the Window API). Though with the current custom inventory API I had difficulty implementing custom mechanics (the backing logic CustomContainer is just a simple store, I need things like ContainerFurnace etc).

Next time I work on this I’ll just use vanilla provided classes and do inventories like a mod typically would.

Current solution was to create an intermediate adapter but I kept getting issues (like events would build up and then 100 came in at once) Industrialization/src/main/java/com/simon816/i15n/core/inv at master · simon816/Industrialization · GitHub

I did try to fix some of the shortfalls but the inventory code confused me :confused:

This is incredible, great idea!