SIP - Sponge Industrialization Project

CPU(Chest processing Unit) my old plugin in bukkit is dead, but with death comes rebirth. So now I have been thinking of porting it to Sponge in it’s new form (drumroll…) SIP aka Sponge Industrialization Project.

Of course CPUs will be incorporated into the project but more features such as quarries, item pipes, machines will be “emulated” in vanilla minecraft.

I hope this project gives people who cant touch mods because of lack of good computer hardware to be able to taste automation. Of course not everything can be done in vanilla such as custom blocks( maybe not if sponge pulls through :slight_smile: ) but we will work out a way won’t we? :slight_smile:

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Full Project Plan:

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Sounds like a good and very useful plugin… Would be cool to have that for bigger farming machines…

DAMN IT! You beat me! I was planning to do a similar plugin that ports several mod mechanics such as auto-crafting, block breakers, block placers into vanilla. Join forces? :smiley:

Sure any work on bukkit you did before? Big project needs big team :slight_smile: more help the better


I’m in on this too! got ideas, pseudo-code and straight Java ready to contribute. :)


Awesome! I’ve made a few private plugins for my server, the only public plugin i worked on (with @irobin591) is BoatMania (BukkitDev link) which we abandoned over 2 years ago as a result of a massive api change. In general i studied Java for 3 years (counting) so it shouldn’t be to hard to get into sponges api…

Alternatively, if you don’t want me in your project, i can develop auto-crafting as an “extension” to your project and if your happy with it, we could merge it. :wink:


I tell you I only learned Java last October when I said to myself “I will make this a damn plugin” then learned Java in a week :stuck_out_tongue: Your experience is more than i will ever have.

Though I suggest you taking a look at my CPU source code to get you started:

Bare in mind though I plan to rewrite a lot of stuff but a lot of logic will stay the same

Cool, count me in then! Do you plan on using the existing repository or making a new one?

A new one its gonna be called SIP after all as in drinking

I am more than interested to help with this idea, I have worked with both forge and Bukkit before, most notably making a private plugin for my server. I would have released the plugin as public but finals came around and I never found the time to. If we are teaming up what will be our form of communication?

This idea interests me as well. I’ve done quite a few private Forge/Bukkit projects mostly for friends and a few servers. #SIP or skype if you prefer but im always on IRC :stuck_out_tongue: just pm me or something there and ill take a look first thing in the morning… That goes for anbody interested

Cool I look forward to working with you all.

I love the idea! I already got a Server with backpacks, teleporters, jetpacks and more, this would fit perfectly into the world! :wink:
Suggestions: Autofarms, Chunk Loaders, Jetpacks, Minecart Tools/Modules (e.g. farming, mining, killing mobs, …) like in Steve’s Carts (but please leave it compatible with other plugins that change the behaviour oft carts), XP collection/filling it into bottles, fluid transportation through pipes, …
And you could use particles for energy cables, armor stands with a block of glass on their head for item pipes and small armor stands with blocks of wool in its hand to create kind of custom textures in blocks. And of course everything technical should have particles around it…
If your team isn’t big enough yet, I’d really like to help out, you see I got a bunch of ideas and I also have some experience with making Bukkit plugins! :wink:

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I am actually open to this idea I was working on learning forge to make client sided mods but my MyTokens plugin ate my time and now that death of bukkit I needed something new to take into account

A kind of computercraft idea utilizing dispensers might be cool. You write the code in a book and place the book in a slot of the dispenser, leaving 8 other spaces for blocks and items. This could potentially be a game changer, all without client sided mods.


with armour stands, you can even do mining turtles that way!

Just throwing this into the discussion:


Haven’t decided if I will port it yet, but will be interesting to see how SIP turns out for sure. Maybe some interoperability in future?


omg! /me hugs @desht


I’m interested as well and i’d like to contribute to this project too. References: See @Felix3008s post.

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