Inspector [v0.6.4] - Rollback, BlockTracking, and more!


This plugin features rollback and the logging of all player block interactions.


You can head over to the GitHub releases page to grab the latest release of Inspector here.

GitHub Repository

If you’d like to check out Inspector’s GitHub repo, you can do so here.


/inspector | /insp | /insp - Main command of plugin, it will return the version 
/inspector toggle - Toggles the viewer of Inspector. Every block you interact with 
will display all info Inspector has on it when toggled on.
/inspector rollback <player> [<time>] - Returns a list of all the changes that occurred
if you specify the time (in mm:dd:yyyy format), it will only list transactions from that
day. Then, when you find the last transaction you want to undo, you press it.




You can select a region by using the tool specified in your config. You can change this tool at anytime by editing your config. The default tool is a diamond hoe. Using your tool, simply left click to select the primary position, and right click to select the secondary position.

MySQL Support

To use MySQL, open the configuration file for Inspector. Go to the database section and update all the fields under MySQL to your settings. Be sure to set enabled to true, as it is set to false as default. If you choose not to use MySQL, the plugin will use SQLite.


You can view the below video to get a better understanding of how Inspector works. :slight_smile:

Inspector Tutorial

Support Me

If you’d like to support me, you can do so here. All donations are greatly appreciated! :smile:


Cool. Didilili Inspector gadget.

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Didn’t even know this was updated till I tried to use it with an old version I had, Let’s bring this awesome plugin to the top for follks to download :wink:

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Haha, I guess so. :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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This guy needs a recompile as well for 878 :wink:

Checkout #3 :smile:

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Hello, First off I want to tell you what an amazing job you do with all your plugins but i’m here to say i found a few problems with this one, first off there’s in inspector toggled mode when you punch a block in creative it gets the info but also breaks the block. I also can’t seem to get rollback working correctly, i set the 2 positions with the diamond hoe and for example type /inspector rollback 23:15:37 RysingDragon i even tried omitting the player name and it says rollback completed but nothing happens.

Did you break those blocks before installing Inspector? It can only rollback interactions that it has logged, so whatever was done before you installed it cannot be rolled back.

Otherwise, that’s a very specific timeframe. Did you use the exact time from the logs? Perhaps you miss the event by a second because, well, time goes on? Try using 24:00:00 instead (or the equivalent for you now… the important part is that it’s at least a few minutes before the events, so you’re sure you get all of them). Admittedly, the wording makes it seem like this plugin uses absolute timestamps, but the usual is relative. Otherwise, try 23:00:00.

EDIT: Badly worded. What I mean is that 23 is longer ago than 24, but 24h is a longer period of time than 23h, so if the plugin uses absolute timing 23:00:00 would rollback the longest period of time, whereas relative timing would make 24:00:00 the longest period of time.

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omg !! i need this plugin !
You are sure when i have money with my server i gonna make donations xD all of your plugins are awesome !
thanks !<3

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Nice job Hassan. :smile:

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Can you add a selection with radius ? exemple : /inspector rollback [player] [radius] ?
Thanks <3

same ! :3

Will try and do this soon… been quite busy lately.

Are you running the latest build?


no problem , thanks !

Yup but i go redownload and retry it :3

I know, its not the problem ^^

Edit : it work 1 time on 10 o_o

It worked, or is it still broken? I’ll work on it more soon - features coming include Explosion protection, etc.

Its broken for me ^^’

Okay, I will be doing more bug-testing today.

okay, very good work <3

Tested on SpongeForge 957

Recompiled + updated for SpongeForge 957.