Inspector [v0.6.4] - Rollback, BlockTracking, and more!


Tested on SpongeForge 1000

Recompiled + updated for SpongeForge 1000.


Tested on SpongeForge 1103

  • Bug fixes
  • Use Paginated List for viewing Block Changes

Coming out of WIP anytime soon?

It’ll come out of WIP as soon as I can get time to do more intense bug testing with this.

Excuses are like armpits… it’s not like you have other plugins your doing or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Me? Nooo of course not. :wink:

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if you want help bug testing, shoot me a msg, i’ll be glad to help out on this.

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work for 1.8.9 ?^^ thx :3

Fully compatible.

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dont work for me ^^
and the bloc breaking when im in gamemode 1

thanks ^^


Tested on SpongeForge 1170

  • Switched to using the @First annotation for events.
  • Updatifier Support
  • General fixes
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Tested on SpongeForge 1188


  • Updated to API 4.0

Hey @HassanS6000 :heart_eyes:
I used this previously a month or so ago, and I am glad to find that the latest version works fine with SpongeForge 1212. I just found a few things that could use some tweaking:

  1. If the block was paced before adding Inspector, it will not show the logs for it, but also punching the block with the toggle will break the block.
  2. It seems that large worldedit commands involving water and lava make Inspector flood console, greatly spiking the lag and even timing it out in certain situations.
  3. When doing /inspector rollback time player, I have found that it won’t actually rollback anything, even though it does say it has… Removing the name of the player won’t matter either.

Let me know if you wish me to do more testing, I have only been around this for an hour or so - I might fail to catch onto some things!

Hmm… I will investigate rollback

That’s odd, I’ll fix that.

I’ll look into this.

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Hello there. How is this coming along @HassanS6000?

Been quite busy, so have had little progress. Planning on fixing the things you listed when I have time :slight_smile:

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I think prism is going well but would be nice to have another alternative. This looks closer to coreprotect and looks more user friendly when its stable

Last news I heard, Hassan is working to bring the plugin to par. And yes, that is why I am looking forward to this one rather than going with Prism.

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Release v0.6.0:

Tested on SpongeForge 1320

This is the first release of Inspector. For more information visit the Sponge Forum Thread.

Enjoy! :smile: