Inspector [v0.6.4] - Rollback, BlockTracking, and more!


Yes! Thank you so very much for the update Hassan :heart_eyes:
Everything seems to be working fine, it will take some getting used to using the actual date, and not using the quantity of time before (CoreProtect inspector used X amount of time before the block was modified to rollback). But that will come with time I suppose.

Tested mostly everything, the bugs that I found seem to have been fixed, so that is lovely. WorldEdit does cause still minor lag, but I guess that can be optimized as it goes on - all in all, I will be certainly using it.

Thank you again!


Disregard. Deleting the Database worked


Crash log
I feel like inspector caused it.


Updated to Spongeforge 1329 still getting this. I'm not sure what causes this but these 2 lines make me think it's inspector
at io.github.hsyyid.inspector.utilities.DatabaseManager.updateBlockInformation(
at io.github.hsyyid.inspector.listeners.PlayerPlaceBlockListener.onPlayerPlaceBlock(


Release v0.6.1:

Tested on SpongeForge 1329


  • Redid parts of the database structure to increase performance.
  • IMPORTANT: this will require you to delete your old Inspector database if you had one.

Enjoy! :smile:


Seems like @Hiroku_Dev has been working whilst I was gone


Awesome! Anything with increased performance will be great XD


bows. Not so much working as giving some advice, at least the database should be much smaller now


There were only two people online, me and another player. The other player seems to be building with slabs and this kepts happening (over 8-10 times) until i removed inspector

And yes before I updated to 0.6.1 i deleted the old database


@HassanS6000 Would it be possible to add logs for items being taken and placed in chests? This plugin is great for basic blocks but it hardly does anything if the "Griefer" only takes things out of a chest.


It's a great idea! I'll add this soon.


Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: It would be insanely helpful.


The performance while using this plugin is awful. Getting information from a block is really difficult. Not only it takes forever. It causes the server to lag even worse.


Performance will be improved in the coming updates


I have not experienced this at all. May you check console to see if there is something else causing issues in server performance?

Without any indication that it is Inspector causing lag, nothing can be advanced so firmly.


Can't see anything that's going on in console because of this...

My config:


Can you send your entire log please?


Release v0.6.3:

Tested on SpongeForge 1484


  • Performance fixes - no longer recreate connection each time.
  • Bug fixes with database being locked

Enjoy! :smile:


@hass Hello sir. I was wondering if you could make this plugin better for servers. In an older server I used Core Inspect and it allowed us to see all items taken in and out of chests, where as this one does not. My players had a griefing issue today and I couldnt do anything about it because I couldn't figure out who took the items. I'd really appreciate it if you make the format more like the core inspect plugin for cauldron and if you added the ability to see chest data. I'd even be willing to put some money to your cause if you were to do this.


Planning on doing this soon :wink: