Ip Forwarding Question?


Is it not possible to have a spongeforge plugin that can take you from one servers ip to the next. if they both are Spongeforge servers? even if they have the same mods. i see bongeecord all over the place and it seem confusing. and if not I would love to know why this would not be possible.


The Minecraft client doesn't know how to change severs by itself. The Minecraft server can't properly handle moving the client to a different server. That's why a proxy server (e.g. BungeeCord) is needed - to the client, it's a server, but to the servers, it's a client that supports changing servers.

I have a bit of experience with BungeeCord; let me know if you have any questions about it.


Is it possible to set up bungee with Forge?


Yes, I think it's even part of the config.


You can check out the instructions on the Sponge docs. However, if you want to use Forge mods and IP forwarding together, you will need to either install SpongePIs on your BungeeCord server or use Waterfall, a proxy server based on BungeeCord (I believe BungeeCord configuration files should work on Waterfall as-is).

Sponge BungeeCord with mods

So I started getting everything set up and i get a you need fml for this server. Where do I start picking this apart?


Where does the error come from? Could you post the log?


Well I switched to waterfall and everything is going ok. I just now have a problem with Pixelmon. There is no Pixelmon spawning in now. I will look in to it more later.


My server says I need to enable IP forwarding when I put spongepls in the plugin of bungee cord server, but it already has ipforwarding on