IPLog - An IP address logging plugin

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IPLog v0.2.1

In @Nighteyes604’s words:

This plugin logs the IP addresses of players as they log in, with commands allowing you to look-up the IP addresses a player has used or all of the players associated with an IP address.

He was the original creator of IPLog, which is what inspired me to make this plugin, and he also assisted me in the development of this one. So thanks nighteyes, I really appreciate it. I find the plugin very useful myself for keeping track of players in general and especially finding alternate accounts or siblings that play a player may have.

You can find the source for this project on Github.

As well as found the downloads here on Ore.


  • /ip help - Displays information about all of the IPLog commands.
  • /ip add (player) (ip) - Creates a connection between a specified player and IP address.
  • /ip purge (player) (ip) - Removes a connection between a specified player and IP address if present.
  • /ip lookup (player/ip) - Displays in a paginated list all of the players associated with a specified IP or all IPs associated with a specified player.
  • /ip history (player/up) - Acts just like lookup but includes the date as well.
  • /ip alias (player) - My favorite command of all, displaying all possible alias or alternate accounts for a player.


  • iplog.viewer - Gives the player access to all of the non-modifying commands: help, lookup, history, and alias.
  • iplog.admin - Gives the player access to all IPLog commands so it adds add and purge.
  • iplog.bypasslogging - If a player has this permission they are not logged by the plugin


If you experience any issues or would like any new features, please report these on our Github.


For some time i searched a plugin like that. But i found nothing.
Thanks for this release :wink:

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A new version has been released for IPLog, it is available for download here.

There’s not too much new in this release, but Redrield submitted a pull request which switched some asynchronous work to TaskChain by Aikar for ease of development improvements and made a few other small performance improvements. Thanks to him for that. bStats usage was fixed as well as I made a stupid mistake before. There were lots of style changes in the code and a few spelling/grammar improvements in messages as well.

From my tests I do not believe any new issues should be in this build, outside of improper coloring on our paginated lists, but please report any problem you find or any suggestion you have.

Thanks for using IPLog, enjoy this release.

A new version has been released for IPLog, it is available for download here.

IPLog v0.2.0

As always I recommend you use the latest build of Sponge matching your version and keep backups of your database!

This release is a pretty simple one with some bug fixes, performance improvements, general cleanup, and some enhancements. The main thing is the addition of an easy purge button added to the history command as well as some fixes to various messages and headers. From a development standpoint, we removed TaskChain as it was not really necessary for a plugin of this scale, as well as bStats as we simply felt it was not helpful to us. I hope you enjoy this release and if you come across any issues or would like any new features please report them on our Github.


  • You can now click the [-] on the history command items to purge a specific IP-user connection.
  • The binary(jar) is around 75 KB smaller.
  • Switched from listing authors in base command to just including IchorPowered which when clicked leads to our Github


  • Removed forward-slashes that shouldn’t be in certain messages
  • Cleaned up the display of time when searching history
  • Cleaned up the color of time when searching history by user
  • Other miscellaneous fixes caught while testing

Code/Project Changes

  • Switched to using API v6.0.0 - Should still work on 5.0.0 though
  • Moved to the com.ichorpowered.iplog package from com.meronat.iplog
  • Removed bStats for metrics tracking
  • Removed TaskChain for control flow, switching back to Sponge’s own scheduler functionality
  • Stored more things statically for re-use such as help command pagination list
  • General style fixes and cleanup
  • Updated Gradle wrapper
  • Added a basic readme
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Could you add two commands “/ip ban” and “/ip unban” to ban or unban all of associate IPs?

A new version has been released for IPLog, it is available for download here.

This is a simple release, updating the license to 2018, updating to the stable Sponge API 7, and updating the Gradle wrapper for development. You shouldn’t see any change in usage, but if you were having problems on API 7 you shouldn’t any longer.