Is it just me or does the forums take awhile to load?

I have been trying to read the forums on Mobile/Computer and they have been taking awhile to load, tried at school/home/cellular
Is it just me?


So it’s just me, @The_Doctors_Life?

Not sure but I also have problems on tablet sometimes. Like its going in a loop or something. Spamming refresh sometimes helps it :stuck_out_tongue:.

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I know… I tried and it works if I refresh, but I was wondering a SOLUTION for this.

I don’t think their is a solution for it lol. I guess the webservice that sends the messages is a bit overloaded. We will just have to deal with it ;).

@thomas15v can we upgrade our web services?

I get this on mobile too! This is so annoying :frowning:

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I tend to load slow on my iPhone 4, but it’s probably just the fact thats its old and slow processor-wise.

It is mainly because of JavaScript performance!

TL;DR: When you load discourse, It essentially loads every possible page in the forum, Not the data though.

Discourse uses Ember, A front-end framework that revolves around DataStores, Views and routing. This means that there is one html file with every possible view in the forum. Your browser downloads this whole file. When you go to a view, It just downloads the data and updates the view meaning that once you get through the initial load you should be able to load things quite quick

Source: My experience as a web developer.

If you use a browser on a pc you’re fine, what browser are you using on mobile?

I think the problem is with mobile chrome/safari. I tried it with Firefox and it works perfectly :smiley:. (BTW the iPhone I tested safari with isn’t mine :phew:)

Can confirm, topics stop loading after a while on my Note II with Kit Kat (4.3) and Chrome Mobile 39.0.2171.93. Normally it gets stuck on the loading screen on the 5th or 6th topic I open, while other times it gets stuck at once. Never much later than the 6th, though.

Either way, it’s giving me withdrawal pains to not be able to read everything new while on the bus in the mornings D:

Does firefox works with it?

On a Note3 and Note4 (both running kitkat 4.4.2):

  • Slow loading the main page (~15 seconds - may be connection)
  • Stopped loading more pages after the third topic. (waited ~120 seconds)
  • Major performance drop after changing from the first topic.
  • Version 34.0


  • Never loads anything
  • Version: 39.0.2171.93

Default Internet Browser:

  • Loads main page in ~15 seconds (May be connection)
  • After 25 topics no performance/load issues
  • Version 1.5.28

I wouldn’t know, I only have Chrome on my phone because I dislike the FF interface

Takes 15~30 seconds here… Interestingly, the discourse sandbox only takes 5 seconds…

Using teh latest firefox.

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Opera mini on a windows phone ( Lumia 520 ) isn’t supported

I’d have to agree, its cool there’s Chrome for iOS and Android, but its pretty buggy. And safari… well lets just not talk about that one…

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