Is Minecraft dying?

Many people have been worried about the future of Minecraft recently. They said “it was falling apart very quickly”. Here, I want to give reasons why Minecraft is not falling apart.

The founding of Sponge.
Bukkit might be dying. But not the Community. The Community is currently creating something new - probably something that is even more awesome.

Microsoft and Mojang are talking to us.
They tell us they’re planning to support Minecraft. They are aware of the power of the Community. They know they shouldn’t fuck it up.

Also… Minecraft wont be freaking recoded in .NET or similar.
You should know how much of a pain that would be.

I’ll add more news later.


I very highly doubt it. The fact that this community exists seems to be an ode to that.

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Well, from the looks of it some of the community has chosen to leave because of Microsoft some have said they may have never started a YouTube channel in the first place if Microsoft was the one owning minecraft at the time. I noticed on the minecraft monday show Bebopvox felt disappointed. Personally I’m a little disapointed in mojang to. But as long as Microsoft doesn’t ruin anything I think we’ll be alright. And remember minecraft is just a game, sometimes life gets in the way and it’s time to quit. Minecraft may not have most of its old community but hopefully things work out well.

Exactly. And I don’t think that Microsoft will ruin it.

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Microsoft has enough common sense to not waste 2.5 billion dollars on something and completely destroy it. I love how when something big happens everyone just freaks out and its like, “Oh its the end of the world.”

This is exactly what happened with the Mayans. “Oh our calendar ended, the world is going to implode!” Any company with enough common sense to buy something for almost 3 billion dollars knows that they will have to improve it.


Microsoft won’t ruin Minecraft. You would have to be incredibly stupid to pay $2.5 billion and change the fundamental things that consumers like. Microsoft isn’t stupid; semi-proof: they sell the most popular operating system and highly popular video game console. I think that the community of Minecraft is definity changing. Over the years, I’ve noticed more and more younger players (8-12) as older ones start to leave the game. This happens with many games. Microsoft’s acquisition of the game will probably boost its sales, but the game may become more targeted towards children (think Pokemon).

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I love that part. Most people forget about that. [So did I, may I include it in my argumentation?]

The worse thing that’s going to happen is too many people leave cause Microsoft takes over either due to not wanting to be part of anything Microsoft related or cause they believe all the doomsayers about the buy out. As long as we all keep a positive head and don’t let fear become rampant we can stop most of the problems.

But yes its to be expected the community will take some form of a hit cause people with good reason don’t trust like or want to be near a Microsoft product. Realistically the hit won’t be that noticeable if noticeable at all.


I’m also quite optimistic about Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang and Minecraft, although I do get a bit of a sinking feeling in my stomach if I think that Microsoft may overlook some details and think the user base would be fine with them seeping in small changes, somewhat like how Yahoo took over Tumblr and slowly started injecting features that kinda irritate me. On the other hand, however, I can hope that Microsoft’s resources and the Mojang staff will continue to develop it and not ruin it.

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My hope is microsoft just pumps money into minecraft and let’s jeb and them keeping going at it. They bought it as it stands cause they like what it is, unless something happens to make Microsoft not trust the driection I dont think they will mess with it to much. Why spend millions more on management overhead when you can just let your gold goose lay gold eggs.


I’d like that train of thought, but I’m not entirely sure if Microsoft bought it because they already didn’t trust the way it was going. I’ve read that Microsoft was against the recent EULA enforcement against monitization, and seems strange that Microsoft would buy it after the Bukkit project died, but hopefully you’re right.

Well they could change the EULA back, if they disliked it, couldn’t they?

I believe so, as I’ve read at least. Although there are quite a few people (generally players, not server owners), who like the EULA’s enforcement. And I say enforcement because I don’t think the EULA changed. Monitization of vanilla features was apparently always against the Minecraft EULA, just not enforced. Could be wrong.


I like the EULA, prevents a bunch of crappy servers. But that’s just my opinion.

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Well big buyouts like this at least tend to be in the works for months and months. Its safer to assume bad timing with the buyout and bukkit dying. But yeah I’ve herd talk of Microsoft not caring for the EULA. So if nothing else changes hopefully only the EULA gets modified.


I agree that vanilla features shouldn’t generally be restricted (save for op, creative, etc XD), but to some extent, maybe it’s just up to the players to find a decent server. There are a lot of server owners that hold the same belief and monitize off of non-vanilla features. The EULA hype seemed to just poison the community’s opinion of Mojang a bit if it was misunderstood. I guess that’s just a bit of a touchy area to mess with.


As a long term server owner even dating back to early ragnarok private servers pay for built in features and other “shady” practices are bad for the community even if someone people don’t think it is. Just cause you can say the players don’t have to play on the bad servers doesnt mean that is the end of it.

Its bad to allow bad apples sit around and rot the new possibly good server owners. Its not the players that need to be worried about. Keeping a healthy community requires both good players and owners.

It isn’t dying at all, it is just changing. Change be good or bad, let’s make it good.

Ya have a point. Guess I’m just not a fan of companies trying to be over-controlling of servers, or it may end up like DayZ where you need to rent from official server distributors under strict guidelines, or suffer some feature loss. It somewhat can remove from the idea that Minecraft can be a base to make other games possible if it becomes too restrictive, but I doubt it’ll go that far.