Is sponge a mod?

Is sponge a mod, that the player has to install? Or is it like bukkit, where only the server has to do stuff?

It will be a coremod as well as a standalone server plugin API, like Bukkit, I think.

And yes. :cookie:

So it will be like bukkit?

I answered the title xD.


Ok, so it will be its own mod/launcher/etc?
and i got confused because i didnt know if you were talking to myxteri0us or me.

Sponge is a forge coremod running on a forge server/client. It will not run bukkit plugins. No it doesn’t has a launcher. Having sponge on your client isn’t required as well.

And this has been said many many times before, …

Sponge has a FAQ:

By like bukkit, i dont mean bukkit plugins. I mean that the user dosnt need to install anything.

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That didnt help anything.

@leonissenbaum you don’t need to worry about something that doesn’t exist yet. I am sure everything will become clear if sponge has a release/beta/dev candidate. Tons of tuto’s will come out.

The user will not have to install anything.

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To make everything clear. Sponge is a coremod. You do NOT have to install it on your client, It combines Forge with an server API.

In a nutshell, No it’s not a mod.

Whats the diffrence between a coremod and a mod?

Coremods do not add any features to the game just some background stuff to help other mods/plugins; in this case it adds an api.

Wern’t Coremods removed after 1.5.2 in forge

Only in name, they still exist in the background. They just go in the same folder now. Forge still needs to distinct between them because they load differently.

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ok then
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