Common misconceptions about Sponge (and relevant)

Here are some common misconceptions about Sponge to help people.

Sponge is just an idea. There is no download link
Sponge is NOT an idea and its being created while youre reading this. The current release date isn’t confirmed yet though.

They didn’t update the mod today. Sponge is already losing momentum
Most of the developers have jobs ontop of that most of the updates come in batches.

Sponge is affiliated with Microsoft/Mojang
No, Sponge is in any way not affiliated with Microsoft/Mojang.

Don’t apply for Sponge you won’t get a reply
They are not doing anything with the submissions. They wait for when they need more developers.

Pore is going to be flagged they use Bukkit’s code
Pore is how far I am considered using code within Bukkit’s license.

They aren’t using XenForo because its too expensive
The plan was to try out Discourse and if it was being disliked switch to XenForo.

They should add all the game mechanic features to sponge
No, Sponge is an API for plugins to be built off of, no server or in game effecting features will be added, without any plugins you will not even know your running it as apposed to vanilla. This has been explained in more depth here.

The IRC chat doesn’t work, its broken
Most people don’t know how to join to a IRC channel for more information please click here.

Husk is being supported by Mojang and Microsoft. Sponge is dead
Everything about Husk has been cleared up by the creator of Husk you can find his thread here.

Dinnerbone is updating Bukkit to 1.8
This has been confirmed though I doubt he will because of the DMCA takedown.

Sponge will have DDoS protection
It won’t, mainly because the software/API just isn’t good enough.

All plugins have to be ported manually
Although it is not sure if this will work, Pore is an Sponge plugin which will do most of the plugin automatically.

They are using Java 6 because this 7/8 doesn’t work with Minecraft
No, they are using it because its the lowest version Forge can support. Most people have this.

The Discourse trustlevel system broke
Discourse only checks for people who need badges/rank-ups every X days. For more information please consider taking a look at this thread.

Got any other misconceptions i didn’t mention here. Please leave them in the reply’s

Yours sincerely,
Marijn van Wezel


I personally like Discourse. It’s UI is great!




They should add all the game macanic features to sponge
nope, sponge is an api for plugins to be built off of, no server or in game effecting features will be added, without any plugins you will not even know your running it as apposed to vanilla


Personally, I like Discourse also more than XenForo. XenForo is so over used.

Also the forum software has really nice , JS, jQuery implementations and it uses AJAX*, that means you don’t reload the page for updated stuff and new comments! *Asynchronous JavaScript and XML


Just a couple of points…

I’m pretty sure you are allowed to do that - the MIT license is pretty permissive, as long as you keep all copyright notices intact, you can distribute it, modify it, add it into your own code base. See MIT License | Choose a License - summary of the license is on the right.

There’d be no point though - it’ll be freely available here too.

You shouldn’t distribute Sponge together with Mojang code however - that’s not allowed under the Minecraft EULA.

It links against the code - but it does so within the license of Bukkit - so it’s fine.


This has been cleared up by the creator of husk.

Couple of answers on here that aren’t quite correct

Sponge is a mod. You have to install it on your client
This is not the case. Sponge is a coremod and there is no need to install it on your client.

Plugins are for Sponge Server only
This is not true. You will be able to use multiplayer plugins on client.

First off, we have no plans to support adding additional client features at this time (definitely not within the first few releases).

Secondly, if we DID support client-side content additions that would take us having the ability to add new content to Vanilla without the client needing a plugin (the goal of the official API) or loading client-side plugins which WOULD need the Sponge mod installed on the client.

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If sponge is a forge core mod, and forge has a client version, even if you do not need forge or sponge on your client to connect to a Forge/sponge server, then wouldn’t putting “Sponge.jar” or whatever in your client’s “mods” folder have the same effect on the local “hidden” server as it does/would on an actual server, allowing one to use sponge plugins, such as say, sign edit, on their client?

(Disclaimer ~ This is just my basic understanding without reading any code)


Yes, that is correct.

Is Sponge ready for release?
Sponge is not ready for release. It’s not in beta, alpha or pre-alpha.
You just can’t test it right now.


Then it is pre-alpha!

If its not in pre-alpha then what is it?! :stuck_out_tongue:

The status of Sponge is Nascent.


Hello all, RTB2011 here, old time modder (Anyone remember PhoenixTerrainMod? Hehe)

I hail from Canary land now, which is arguably farther along towards 1.8 than Sponge, but I can appreciate what you are doing all the same. I’m not here to sell a product to you or a platform, I’m here to inform you of a blatantly false statement on your homepage.

The Canary team is NOT involved with the sponge project, and the project lead, darkdiplomat, has taken pretty big offense to being lumped in without even being allowed in the dev chat rooms, for example. He certainly is not involved in Sponge and does not appreciate the false attribution and endorsement being displayed.

Please correct this. I’m sure it’s an honest mistake. Thanks.

Is it this bit he is concerned about (from

“with assistance from other parts of Minecraft’s modding community (Glowstone, Canary, etc.).” ?

Seems pretty innocent to me. Doesn’t exactly commit anyone to anything. Did I miss something?

I can’t comment on darkdiplomat’s IRC access, that’s someone else’s problem.

Oh, btw, Hi! Great to see you’re still at it, RTB. I recall PhoenixTerrainMod. Vividly.

I may have used a harsher tone than is neccesary… heh.

It is innocent enough, and I’m sure the intentions were all well and good, but all the same to avoid confusion (as CanaryMod’s team claims they’ve done NO contributions whatsoever to this project), it isn’t really appropriate to have there, don’t you agree?

Besides, they (they being made it a homepage grade issue, which is probably reason enough to say they “don’t like it.” That alone is reason enough I would think, heh.

Probably wouldn’t surprise you to know I am working on something similar in CanaryLib when they get their world gen up to speed, hehe.

Right now all I have to my name is an incomplete dynmap port. But I AM alive, lol.

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Well, we can always take a step back a bit and start again.

Hi, CanaryMod folks. In the fullness of time, do you think you might lend a hand to the Sponge project, API or implementation-wise? We’d all really appreciate sensible contributions, and your experience and longevity would be invaluable.

@Owexz Could you have a read of RTB2011’s comments, and possibly amend the webpage? We don’t want to antagonise the Canary Crowd.