Isn't Dinnerbone updating Bukkit to 1.8?

If Dinnerbone is updating Bukkit to 1.8, why this? Will there be both?

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It’s been said that he will update it to 1.8, but it’s been quite quiet over their about the progress on the update.

wasn’t that before the DMCA?


I thought there was a problem with the licenses that were used for bukkit-only code… Anyways, migrating to sponge is a thing to for my ‘must-do’ list (as soon as it is out), I’m sure it’ll be better than bukkit :smiley:


Yes, and before everyone quit. Dinnerbone may update it yet, but it doesn’t look so good.

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They would need to rewrite CraftBukkit from scratch if they want to update it. I don’t think anyone will try to write a new implementation of Bukkit.


Even if Dunnerbone updated Bukkit and even if it doesn’t take monthsor longer because of all the legal troubles how many mod developers are involved at this point to update the mods? I think that is the real issue. As it is so many of the popular mod’s devs have already thrown their lot in with Sponge.

OK :smiley: well… Dinnerbone i guess you are welcome to work for sponge. For free of corse …


@Dinnerbone “Joooiiinnnn uuuuusssssssss… We need more for the SPPPPOOOOONNNNGGGEEEEE”


Join us, and together we can rule the galaxy, as community!

(Quoted from StartWars) :smile:


He would have to rewrite craftbukkit from scratch in order to do any form of updating. I do wonder what will come of the Minecraft API now that everything has kind of been shaken up on Mojang’s side.


@Xxen, @GameplayJDK

lol, that isn’t actually Dinnerbone.

Look at what it says in his profile.

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I disagree completely

Impressination, what IS that?


Maybe Impressination where you impersonate someone and try to impress them at the same time.

I bet chicks dig it.


And whoever banned him, it’s “impersonation”

– an act of pretending to be another person for the purpose of entertainment or fraud.


I’m sure when dinnerbone originally said that he wasn’t considering that all of the DMCA stuff would happen.


Dinnerbone can do the update but he cannot distribute it as it stands. The license was never valid with CraftBukkit to begin with so even if he were to go in and remove all DMCA-related code, the license is still invalid.

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Wrong. He was banned for Impressination. Not Impersonation. Completely different.


I kind of doubt Dinnerbone can update all of bukkit to 1.8… by himself…

Pretty much every developer from bukkit quit if you go to their front page

…and, to my knowledge, more than a couple dev’s from bukkit are actually working on sponge now…

So, the way I see it: sponge is picking up where bukkit left off. :slight_smile:
(Not to mention all of the legal issues surrounding bukkit… ech! I wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole if I were dinnerbone…)

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