ItemAuction [v0.6.5]

ItemAuction Build Status

This plugin adds the ability to auction and bid on items.


You can grab the latest builds here.

GitHub Repository

You can view ItemAuction’s GitHub Repository here.


/itemauction - Main command of plugin, it will return the version installed.
/ia auction <price> - Puts the item in your hand on auction.
/ia cancelauction - Ends your current auction.
/ia bid <player name> <price> - Places a bid on the specified player's auction.
/ia acceptbid - Accepts the highest bid, ending the auction.



Support Me

If you’d like to support me, you can do so here.

Important Notes

The auctioneer must have the item they are intending to bid in their hand while the auction is taking place, and players may only auction one item at a time.


First and powerd by will

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Well done, will this hook into TotalEconomy using the economy api

An Auction/Bidding system sounds like it should be separated from an independent economy plugin. Great work, nonetheless. :smile:


Currently, no. But I think I will make it do that in the future.

EDIT: Now it does. Enjoy! :smile:

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Is the plugin compatible with sponge 604?

Uhh, lemme update it real quick.

EDIT: Updated

The plugin wont run and will prevent my server from running.
I’m using the latest build As of 9-8-15 (607)

It won’t work without TotalEconomy, which isn’t updated yet.

Will be releasing the new version soon. Just need to do some testing.

Okay, glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Updated to latest Sponge, enjoy!

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Release v0.3b:

Tested on SpongeForge 876


  • This release brings compatibility with SpongeForge 876 and up.

Enjoy this update! :smile:

Release v0.3c:

Tested on SpongeForge 880


  • This release brings bug fixes.

Enjoy this update! :smile:

Can you add a seprate file such as a plugin on Bukkit called WhatIsIt to specify the item.

Say if we had a mod item to auction.

Instead of looking like this:


It can be:


The config can come out like this:

  'pixelmon:item.Healer': Healer
  'pixelmon:item.Rare_Candy': Rare Candy

Release v0.3d:

Tested on SpongeForge 936


  • This release brings compatibility with SpongeForge 936.

Enjoy this update! :smile:

On sponge 936 with Forge 1577.
Latest release of Total Economy is installed along side the latest release of Item Auction.
Users still can not accept bids “Error! Bid not found.”
This has been an ongoing issue for the last few versions, any suggestions?

I’ll look into this bug, thanks for reporting it

EDIT: Try out v0.3e

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Release v0.3e:

Tested on SpongeForge 941


  • This release brings compatibility with SpongeForge 941.

Enjoy this update! :smile:

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Firstly, thanks for being so dependable when it comes to your work.
I installed v0.3e like recommended and the following error was produced at time of start up:

I was able to successfully place an auction, however /bid and /acceptbid no longer exist as available commands.