Kits [v1.7.4]

The link is the same, if you mean for multiple items.

/kit add has been implemented! Thanks for the idea :wink:

thanks for updating the download. when i checked before it was the same download as the original. now it’s the new one :smile:

perhaps you might want to change the numbering to indicate it’s a new build, ie: Kits-0.11, Kits-0.12 etc.

I wasn’t going to change it until it was actually out of heavy development, but I think it’d be less confusing so I will.

Awesome Work HassanS6000 Keep it up!
Here are some suggestions that i think could help out this plugin :smiley:
A interval in the kits like you can use this kit in another “6Mins” or such
And inventory Adding like /kit add default (Item in inventory with the number of items)

and again Keep up the good work HassanS6000 :smiley:

You should take advantage of github releases. It make it easy to version the release, and you can keep the jar the same name for easy replacing/updating.

It’s also a good place to keep version comments!

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Thanks! Just added the current release!

I’ll work on interval, however, /kit add default has been implemented just not the # of items. I will be working on that.

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Love the plugin would you consider adding a way to give items from mods? i have a pixelmon server and wanna give things like pokeballs as a starter kit

This is already possible. As long as you have the id of the item, you can do it. The id is usually a name, but can also be accessed as a number. I may implement a /info command or something like that so you can get the id easily.

oh im must be doing i wrong im trying to add pokeballs from the pixelmon mod

You must use the correct ID. For example if you use /give you have to put the id or name of the item. You simply use the same thing for Kits.

So, if /give iTwigHD cherish_ball works, then /kit add default cherish_ball will work as well.

this is what ive tried /kit add starter poke_ball and nothing happens

Im starting a server too with pixelmon… press F3 and H at the same time then hover over the item with the mouse and it should show Pixelmon;Item.Poke_Ball

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As xHallowedDreamx said, simply use that id. Remember if you’re adding a new kit you have to reboot your server for the changes to take affect.

im being so stupid can you right out the command so i can copy it the item id for the item is 4139

Okay two commands could work. If these commands don’t work I’ll test it out myself.

First one (if its ID is 4139), do /kit add starter 4139

If @xHallowedDreamx is correct, then you should also be able to do /kit add starter Item.Poke_Ball

If kit starter is a new kit, and doesn’t show up when you do /kits then you have to reboot your server.

When it’s back on, /kits should show the starter kit and you should be good to go!

nope just did /kit add starter Item.Poke_Ball then restarted my server and nothing happened


Got the command! Sorry for the wait! It’s: /kit add starter pixelmon:item.Poke_Ball (It was in the FML-server-3 log file) :smiley: Please let me know if it worked!

confirmed it work how would i add say 5 pokeballs