Landlord Official Thread

Some of you may have heard of my bukkit plugin Landlord.

Github: GitHub - jcdesimp/Landlord: Bukkit land claiming plugin.

Just wanted to announce that I plan on porting Landlord to Sponge once it’s released. I plan to take this opportunity to make many improvements to it as well. I’m considering possibly doing a complete rewrite for sponge as well.

Landlord’s Philosophy

I’m certainly open to suggestions but one thing’s for sure, the primary purpose of landlord must not be compromised. Usage by players and server owners alike should be as simple as possible. Landlord’s goal is to implement a system that allows players to protect and manage their builds/animals without hampering the experience of playing the game.

Landlord API

A major feature that was planned for Landlord on bukkit was the exposure of an API for developers to add other flags to landlord as well as access information about owned land. Unfortunately due to the circumstances that won’t be coming to the bukkit version. However this will be a high priority when porting to sponge!

Planned Features

Based on user suggestions and user feedback on the current state of Landlord, these are some planned features I’ve decided to aim for. Feel free to leave more suggestions in the replies as well.

  • The Landlord API (As mentioned above)
  • Built-in flag for creeper protection.
  • More configuration options for controlling what worlds players can/can’t claim in.
  • Ability to automatically remove claims of inactive players.
  • Re-evaluating/optimizing the mechanics behind Landlord’s signature LandMap display (which makes use of the scoreboard)
  • Support for more databases.

Remember to give me your Feedback and suggestions, stay posted here for updates!

Edit: Updated “planned features” list


Make sure it gets on the list:

It’s the official place to claim the porting of particular plugins, so claim yours so no one else does, and for our lists completeness’ sake. (If you haven’t already)

Looks like a plugin that will be a great for Sponge server owners!

Not sure you could do this but is it possible to restrict the protection to a portion of a chunk (like say only above level 50, or only below level 100)?

Nice plugin! The GUI is great. Looks like a better version of my chunk protection system :wink:

I should already be on that list :slight_smile:

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This looks great. I think that the scoreboard is a creative way of showing land spaces. I could definitely see myself contributing towards this sometime in the future.

Great to hear! Always open to contributions to improve landlord.

Getting that land map scoreboard to work was such a pain lol.

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What is your opinion about:

Seems very interesting. if it comes to fruition then I’d definitely look into getting landlord to conform with it, provided of course that it doesn’t have a major effect on how the plugin works from a player perspective.

Hmm, I don’t know about that. The way landlord currently works is by binding to chunks. Changing that would pretty much change the entire philosophy of the plugin and make it more complicated to use. When I port to sponge I’ll see what improvements I can make and if I can make land claim sizes more flexible.

Updated planned features list to include support for more databases. In the bukkit version of landlord only SQLite was supported.