LandProtect [No longer in development]

LandProtect is a protection plugin where claims are protected in chunks. players can give players access to their claims either individually or to all their claims depending on their needs. Claims deny players from breaking, placing, and interacting with all blocks by default. There is also adminclaims which are intended for server buildings/areas such as spawn for example. Adminclaims have the option separate from player claims in which blocks can be added as interactable for all players.

For more info see the LandProtect wiki(still being worked on atm).
If you’re confused on a subject of this plugin which is not on the wiki or it’s not detailed enough then please notify me and i’ll try to fix it asap.

LandProtect’s current build is v3.4.0


  • Claims which prevent anyone but trusted players and friends access to break/place or interact with blocks
  • Claim limit to limit the amount of claims players can have, set this with a permissions plugin and setting the option claimlimit. For example, to set a limit of 10 claims set the option claimlimit to a value of 10. To have unlimited claims set the value to 0
  • Friends will allow players access to all of each other’s claims once added as a friend
  • Trust system will allow giving access to individual claims
  • Adminclaims which right now is only different from normal claims that you can add interactable blocks though more will be added eventually
  • Disable claiming with a config option only in worlds that you choose
  • Claim borders to see where you claim
  • Ability to buy claims with either experience or economy if enabled.
  • Protection against certain modded sources unless you own them, tested against Pixelmon external moves and buildcraft quarries


/landprotect, /lp - base command for all subcommands, gives information about the plugin with no arguments used /lp help - sends the user a book gui for help on using the commands /lp claim - claims the current chunk if owned by the player /lp unclaim - unclaims the current chunk if owned by the player /lp trust <player> - trusts the player to the current chunk if owned /lp adminclaim - adds the current chunk as an adminclaim /lp removeadminclaim removes the current chunk as an adminclaim /lp addfriend <player> - sends the player a friend request /lp acceptrequest - accepts the current friend request if any /lp addinteractable [<block-id>] - adds the block id as interactable in protected areas, with no argument right click a block to add it /lp removeinteractable [<block-id>] - removes the block id as interactable in protected areas, with no argument right click a block to remove it /lp listinteractables - lists all interactable block ids /lp removeclaim - forcefully removes the current claim the player is standing in /lp untrust <player> - removes a player as trusted from your claim /lp reload - reloads config /lp setinspecttool, sit <item-id> - sets the inspector tool for players to toggle claims on/off /lp setboundaryblock, sbb <block-id> - sets the block to which players see claim boundaries as /lp datareload - reloads the database /lp buyclaims <amount> - purchases the amount of claims using either exp or economy if enabled /lp listclaims - lists all the claims you have in each world /lp giveclaimboots - gives a pair of claimboots for auto adminclaiming /lp addunallowedentity - adds an entity so they are not allowed to be ridden if enabled in config /lp removeunallowedentity - removes an entity so they are allowed to be ridden again


/lp help - /lp claim - landprotect.claim.command /lp unclaim - landprotect.unclaim.command /lp trust - /lp adminclaim - landprotect.adminclaim.command /lp removeadminclaim - landprotect.removeadminclaim.command /lp addfriend - landprotect.addfriend.command /lp acceptrequest - landprotect.acceptrequest.command /lp addinteractable - landprotect.addinteractable.command /lp removeclaim - landprotect.removeclaim.command /lp untrust - landprotect.untrust.command /lp listinteractables - landprotect.listinteractables.command /lp removeinteractabled - landprotect.removeinteractable.command /lp reload - landprotect.reloadconfig.command /lp setinspecttool - landprotect.settool.command /lp setboundaryblock - landprotect.setboundaryblock.command /lp datareload - landprotect.datareload.command /lp buyclaims - landprotect.buyclaims.command /lp listclaims - landprotect.listclaims.command /lp giveclaimboots - landprotect.giveclaimboots.command /lp addunallowedentity - landprotect.addunallowedentity.command /lp removeunallowedentity - landprotect.removeunallowedentity.command bypass claims - landprotect.claim.bypass bypass protected land - landprotect.adminclaim.bypass


source code


  • API for developers to easily hook into
  • Command to transfer claims between players
  • Add on to autoclaiming

Note: I am no longer developing this plugin, for more information see this post


Update - Release v1.0.1-BETA

  • Added RemoveClaim Command to forcibly remove a claim if you’re standing in one when entering the command
  • Fixed an issue with /lp unclaim

Seems to be working good for the most part but we really need an admin bypass perm.

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I’ll start working on this today

Thank you also no matter what perm a rank has it tells them they have reached max amount of claims.

ah sorry about that, the permission option is “claimlimit” not maxclaims, i’ll fix that in the main post when i release the next build which should be soon

Update - Release v1.0.2-BETA

  • Added Untrust command
  • fix claimlimit preventing players from claiming if option not set
  • add bypass claim permissions
  • changed claim and protect command permissions

Awesome seems to be working great now, only thing that would be nice as of now to be added somehow is to see what you have claimed or what is claimed etc.

I’ve already thought about that and i’m trying to figure out how to actually make it work but in the meantime i can add an option so on moving into a claim it will tell you who’s claim it is, if protected say you’re entering protected land, and if leaving a claim tell the player that they’re entering unclaimed land. Would that be good enough for now?

Hello, this plugin is not the most efficient for a modded minecraft server. Firstly, the command ./lp protect which i assume is their version of an admin claim, with the added bonus of the interactible items which i like the idea of, every player can break blocks in this type of claim. and the interactable command doesnt work. secondly, even players with OP on the server cannot bypass this type of protection, an unneeded type of thing on a server as most staff ranks would like to make changes to areas.

secondly, there is no way to see whether an area of land is claimed. a message such as "now entering the land of [such and such] would be a good idea.

also the claiming of land does not work -> they can break blocks but cannot place them in claimed areas

I added bypass permissions in the latest build, I’m about to test the protected land and claims not working as they were working before

any update on that?

I finished testing and everything seems fine, the only thing is atm addinteractable just doesn’t give a message when correctly added, try setting the permission landprotect.claim.bypass and landprotect.protect.bypass to false for users who shouldn’t bypass them and see if it works then.

they can still destroy blocks in claimed areas :confused:

Are you running the latest version? and this is only claimed land not protected land right?

we are using the most recent version, and it is in both protected, and claimed areas:

  • players cannot build in either area
  • players are able to destroy blocks
  • they cannot use things such as chests or healers [we are a pixelmon server]
  • they do not have the override permission
    hope that helps :slight_smile:

I feel as though i may be coming across as bothersome, im not trying to do that I just wanna help you get it right, if im being un-helpful in any way let me know

No it’s fine, trust me i want it to work just as much as you do, it’s certainly weird that it works fine for some people but not others, maybe it’s a possible bug with sponge itself, the server i tested it on was using spongeforge build 1203, i’m going to try updating to latest and see if that may be the issue

EDIT: nope that doesn’t seem to be the problem
EDIT2: the code seems to be good as it’s working for both stephen and I, I know you probably hate to hear this but do you think it could be something on your end? are you able to test using it with only the latest spongeforge, landprotect, and a permissions plugin to see if something else might be interfering.

Update - Release v1.1.0-BETA

  • Start versioning according to Semver
  • Add messages upon entering/leaving a claim
  • Using the addinteractable command with no arguments will prompt you to right click click a block to add it to the list of interactable blocks
  • fix minor bug with interacting with blocks in protected land

Just a heads up i realized I’m going to need to redo configs to add support for claiming in multiple worlds which will break current configs, so expect that within the next few releases