LandProtect [No longer in development]

weird, I just tested it and it works fine. do you have any other plugin that could be interfering? claim limit is set atm with the permission option ‘claimlimit’

The plugins and side mods I use are all spongeforge or pixelmon related. The plugins I run are World Edit, Total Economy, PermissionsEx, Land Protect, Kits 1.7.4., and EssentialsCMD. All the other things are either the main mod itself or sidemods that offer extra things to the mod.

maybe try removing them from interactable and re-adding them. Other than that all i could think of would be to try updating spongeforge if you haven’t lately.

I need help, its a dumb question but can you tell me exactly how to set a claim limit, and will different limits be allowed for different ranks?

Hello can i make request ? can you add config to disable build in world and when player create claim he can build only in their claim and not in the world
thanks !

@castanedafinest sorry for the late reply, anyways you set the permission option ‘claimlimit’ which does allow different limits for other ranks.

@Flashback083 I can work on that.

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Yes please its the big feature that is missing ! ! Thanks so much if you do it ^^

Hi when I have my players try to claim it says that they can’t claim in the world. so I go to the worlds.conf and it doesn’t have anything in it at all it’s a blank file. I’m not sure exactly what I should put in there to get it to work.

@RysingDragon any idea for the dev ? ^^ sorry i very want your plugin with this feature >w< very thanks for your works ^^

Im having trouble with the claimlimit permission.
Im trying to remove the infinite claims from my players.
I have tried giving them the permissions:

Could you please let me know the proper format?

Getting this Error on load. Any advice?

Looking like a version mismatch between plugin and sponge.

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Seems to be the case for many things right now. Still getting used to Sponge so I’m not keen on picking that out of the error yet.

So I have a bit of disappointing news, I really don’t think I can maintain this project anymore, I’ve been very busy as of late working on many other things. This is my first real sponge plugin which I thank all of you for supporting but now that I’ve learned much more about sponge and it has advanced much further since I first started working on this, I don’t really like how it’s done. For example the claiming in chunks is not a very good system.
If I were to continue I’d want to do a complete rewrite but like I said earlier I just don’t have the time to do so. I apologize to @Kippers who I promised to add support for their amazing plugin MCClans but unfortunately was not able to fulfill.

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Shame, but much appreciated anyhow.

Can anyone please help? I am adding blocks to interactables, and it shows up correct and everything but people still can’t use them in claimed land. Why would this happen?

I feel really slow when you mean option do you mean in the config file, and if so can you tell me exactly where please, and if in-game command can you give the command exactly… sorry for the bother

I see some servers such as evolvecraft have HUGE spawns all claimed with admin claim and I find it hard to believe that they put on their claim boots and walked the entire spawn. Is there a way to setup an admin claim from one point to another? or would i have to walk it out?

@dunkinee_mc You’d have to walk it out.
If any member of the sponge staff team is reading this could you please lock this thread as I am no longer supporting this plugin for the time being.