LandProtect [No longer in development]

Are you running the latest version? and this is only claimed land not protected land right?

we are using the most recent version, and it is in both protected, and claimed areas:

  • players cannot build in either area
  • players are able to destroy blocks
  • they cannot use things such as chests or healers [we are a pixelmon server]
  • they do not have the override permission
    hope that helps :slight_smile:

I feel as though i may be coming across as bothersome, im not trying to do that I just wanna help you get it right, if im being un-helpful in any way let me know

No it’s fine, trust me i want it to work just as much as you do, it’s certainly weird that it works fine for some people but not others, maybe it’s a possible bug with sponge itself, the server i tested it on was using spongeforge build 1203, i’m going to try updating to latest and see if that may be the issue

EDIT: nope that doesn’t seem to be the problem
EDIT2: the code seems to be good as it’s working for both stephen and I, I know you probably hate to hear this but do you think it could be something on your end? are you able to test using it with only the latest spongeforge, landprotect, and a permissions plugin to see if something else might be interfering.

Update - Release v1.1.0-BETA

  • Start versioning according to Semver
  • Add messages upon entering/leaving a claim
  • Using the addinteractable command with no arguments will prompt you to right click click a block to add it to the list of interactable blocks
  • fix minor bug with interacting with blocks in protected land

Just a heads up i realized I’m going to need to redo configs to add support for claiming in multiple worlds which will break current configs, so expect that within the next few releases

Update - Release v1.2.0-BETA

  • Add Updatifier support
  • rework setting claims to make changing claiming configs easier

Update - Release v2.0.0-BETA

  • Rework claiming config to support multi-world claiming, this will break current claims

Update - Release v2.1.0-BETA

  • Add config option to prevent players from claiming in certain worlds,
  • Remove default values added to interactable blocks list.

Another town plugin without db support? cmon … ^^

Using a db to save claims would actually be a good idea, i haven’t worked with dbs yet so i’ll have to do some research on that first.

Maybe have a look at what the Grief Prevention plugin does. GP also works on modded servers!

Note that all plugins should work with modded block/items without adding explicit support, due to the way SpongeForge works.

I’m fairly certain i haven’t done anything to prevent support with mods.
@NeumimTo I’ve started looking at databases and so far i’m thinking of going with MongoDB but i still have alot to learn before i choose to actually implement it so it could be a while. I’ve also decided that for those who want to keep the current setup I’ll just make it a config option to choose between saving claims to config or to use the database.

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I more meant look at GP to see how they make it so you can see what is already claimed. The other part was added as an afterthought and based on @Aaron1011 comment is already supported.

GP does things differently from LandProtect and besides i already sort of have a plan for how i want to do it, I’m thinking that I’ll spawn barrier particles at the borders of the chunk. There are some things i’m having trouble with though which is either that i’m blind and can’t find it in the javadocs or it’s something not implemented yet. I’ll make a post in the development section soon to see if people can help me but for the meantime the messages on entering and leaving claims should work fine.

Update - Release v2.2.0-BETA

  • Bug fixes
  • Add chat color to messages
  • Add /listinteractables and /removeinteractable commands

I haven’t quite upgraded to sponge yet (Run heavily modded forge, server but will def keep this plugin in mind when I do. By the time I do upgrade, all these base problems and features should be implemented and resolved! :slight_smile:

Mongodb…when do people finally learn how to choose appropriate dbms for their projects…

What would you suggest then?

Why not mongo:

  • locking issues
  • randomly loses data
  • cant scale

All people who are claiming that mongo is fast and great database … well… i guess they have never worked with mongodb once it contains large set of data

Why is mongo so popular? With right marketing, it’s not hard to popularize an inferior solution.

You should focus on Mysql and/or postgre.thats what most (mc) servers should use.