LF Pixelmon Reforged 7.0.1 Plugins

Looking for custom plugins that work with the latest pixelmon version
I am running a pixelmon server that doesn’t have breeding so any plugins that would enhance that feeling of finding that perfect Pokémon in the wild/give players more ways to get better pokes that doesn’t require breeding would be extremely welcome!
Also looking for pokedisguises plugin
Any other plugins anyone thinks would be a good fit still shoot me a message
PM me on here or on discord Jeanlucpikachu#5477


I would recommend that you follow the template here: Service Exchange Template + Guidelines

You are more likely to generate interest if there is more information readily available.

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My bad :stuck_out_tongue: thank you for the advice
Edited for clarity

message me

︻デ═一 Ducky#1263

Pokedisguise has been a traded plugin among servers for a while, if you are still looking into it, consider signing up here: https://discord.gg/mpS3WMG

Thanks for the link!

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