LimeFun — Things from mods with no client-side mods!



The aim of LimeFun is to add machines to Sponge servers without the need of client-side mods. The goal is to deviate from the default Minecraft look and feel as little as possible, while bringing useful mechanics to the gameplay.


Item pipes

Only a single feature is currently implemented — item pipes.
In order to make an item pipe, just build a row of stained glass blocks and put a dropper facing one end of the row. Items can only travel in stained glass blocks, and they will only travel into a stained glass block of a different color, if the item is moving straight and there are no other ways to go. Items can also enter blocks with inventories.


  • /lf reload — Reloads the configuration file


  • limefun.command.lf — Access to /lf
  • limefun.command.lf.reload — Access to /lf reload


You can find the config at config/limefun.conf.

pipes {
    capacity=4  // The max number of items in a pipe block
    speed=0.05  // The distance an item travels in a pipe per tick (1/20 of a second)




I’ll just put this here

Industrialization is very inspiring! :slight_smile:


Just curious, why are you adding a reload command when you can just listen to the reload event when a user runs /sponge reload?

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Is that the correct way of reloading plugin config files? I’m used to making these commands from Bukkit.

Yes. Reload functionality should be handled in GameReloadEvent.

How to remove spam in the console?

[01:24:32] [Server thread/INFO] [STDOUT]: cz.creeper.limefun.pipe.PipeSystem:onEntity:246]: TARGET ENTITY EVENT: org.spongepowered.api.event.entity.RideEntityEvent$Dismount{targetEntity=EntityArmorStand['Armor Stand'/1107, l='world', x=22874,61, y=161,01, z=16723,50], ause=Cause[{Name=Source, Object={EntityItem['item.item.appleGold'/1106, l='world', x=22874,64, y=161,05, z=16723,50]}}], cancelled=false}

Also I noticed that drops performance of the server. After a time, the movement of the loot through the pipes… jerks.

The plugin is currently in development and should not be used in production environments. I forgot to remove that message in the experimental build, the only way to get rid of it is to wait for the next build.

Regarding the lag, I admit I haven’t done a lot of stress testing. I just wanted to get the features out there and worry about optimization later. Maybe next release?

Thanks for the feedback!

Is it possible to protect objects that move across the tubes from the plug-ins like TwentyTicks?

Not yet, I’ve actually just noticed that too. Will fix.

Idea. Based on this we can make the drilling rig. Mining rocks below the dropper to the root of the breed. Production behind the dropper. You can configure the area of production. The length of the drill. Etc.

Any information about the development of this plugin? It’s very interesting!

Thanks for the suggestion, I might add mining drills in the future.
While it may appear that the project has been abandoned, I’ve been working on libraries for the plugin so other developers can add as great features to their plugins. I am also waiting for crafting recipes to be implemented in Sponge.

This work is being done?

Yes, @kashike is working on bringing them to Sponge:

Work is being done on the CustomItemLibrary to support the awesome upcoming LimeFun features. Enjoy this low-quality GIF of a work-in-progress inventory:


You never cease to surprise! Super!

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what is this sorcery

Simply Sarc has made a great video about custom GUIs, I took the concept and made it more intuitive for developers to use.

@Limeth Any news on the project? Surprise us! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make much progress on this project, as I’ve been busy with school.
Although I think I could make a new release of the CustomItemLibrary so other developers can play around with the features aswell.