Linux/Windows Dual Boot

I’m thinking of adding a Linux boot to my Windows machine but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. I plan to use Ubuntu. Input please VVVVV

Or you could just run it in a VM using Oracle’s VirtualBox

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I have Ubuntu booted with Windows 8.1 running happily on my desktop computer. It works great for me, I have a dedicated ubuntu machine when I feel like working with linux or installing something on linux. I also have Fedora and Gentoo mostly for fun and a few specific tasks but that is beside the point. I love my multi-boot machine and I have never had any problems with any conflicts. If you are serious about having both ubuntu and windows on your computer I would certainly recommend it.

If you just want ubuntu to mess with every now and then and don’t plan on doing much with it though, like @DotDash said it would probably be best for you to just run it in VirtualBox or another emulator.

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Using a disk with GPT disk partitioning is awesome for having several partitions :slight_smile: I have Ubuntu and two installations of Windows 8.1 in my laptop and everything runs smoothly. I use Grub2. There are no conflicts with Secure Boot whatsoever. Give it a try, but backup everything before you do, just in case it goes wrong :wink:

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God no…

Virtualisation is never a good idea for anything other than testing.

Makin me want to change OS…

Still, I do need a windows dual boot…

And I have been planning to dockerize EVERYTHING…

Damn it. Elementary here i come!

Just why, and just as I got debain working.

:trollface: <They see me trolling… They hatin’>

Woo~ Different opinions.

I use Virtualization for many things. Of course, testing is one of the leading reasons. But hardly the only one.

My main work system is completely virtualized.

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Also, this.

Really? As in virtualization or docker?

So you deploy your desktop to the cloud?


IBM bluemix - Cloud app development platform.

Yeah, it uses docker. So hum.

Docker isn’t really virtualisation:

You said you were going to dockerise everything so I gave you that.

By that I meant all my desktop applications, I already use it for testing and stuff. Anyway, for deployment prefer tutum/DigitalOcean.

Well, my job monitors my computer. So I contain everything I need for that job inside a virtual machine, so that they can’t see my literal computer.

Plus, I do most of my programming within an arch linux machine. Seamless virtualization is so good. :3