[Log] Dragonfire

This is a log/blog of a single developer (not part of the sponge team).

Thank you very much for your effort and hard work !! Well done

Please wait and relax,
good things need time,
if you want to help:

My personal newsfeed:

All want to help the Sponge-Team,
it is hard to get an overview.
Give them time to create the basic stuff.


I updated my pull request overview:

Please check existing pull request until you create a new one !

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Merp, Would like to contribute to this if possible

Updated and marked all PR’s that need to be updated to components system once its out

Could you update the World Generation link to the forum topic rather than the google doc?


As soon as I am at home :wink:
Thank you very much :smiley:


updates newsfeed, pr overview and transfered “important” issues to youtrack

The dev document is growing …

You can switch between the tables at the bottom !!!