Longer days, or fewer nights

My players (aka my kids) would very much like a reimplementation of TimeFold http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/timefold/ or something with the same functionality: basically increasing the daytime/nighttime ratio.

a Minecraft dad :slight_smile:

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I’ll take a shot in a day or two. I have some final stuff to deal with related to college.

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That would be great! If I may suggest, something along the lines of configurable integers for number of consequtive days and nights with 1 as default.

Slightly before sunset - as defined in the Core plugin - the time would be reset to just after sunrise and the current value of the number of days would be decreased, unless it is zero in which case we let the night fall and reset the current vaule of days to the configured value.

Similarly for night time: Slightly before sunrise - as defined in the Core plugin - the time would be reset to just after sunset and the current value of the number of nights would be decreased, unless it is zero in which case we let the sun come up and reset the current vaule of nights to the configured value.

I think that’s basically how TimeFold works and that has been very popular for a couple of years :smile:


Ok. I just got around to working on this but it will take a while sense this will be the first plugin for sponge I sat and worked on. You know getting use to the new API. The recently breakage makes thing a bit more tricky with the doc still needing to be updated.

No worries. Looking forward to seeing the result.


Hello there - just saw this post, I’d really like to see an updated timefold as well - any news?

I mostly got distracted. 100$ mod development job and college starting up right after that can do that to ya.

If you want to see what is made so far, I have the source on my github. :smiley:

@Waterpicker I am just getting started with Sponge, do you mind if I take a crack at making this?

I was actually looking in to doing it myself. Heh.

Ah, that fine then. Didnt see any updates to it so far but go for it!

Anyone who wants to help me finish. This is what I got. I did work on it. I’m just a giant derp who hasn’t gotten back to finishing yet. :stuck_out_tongue: https://github.com/Waterpicker/Time_Fold_Redux

It doesn’t exactly match the request 100% but I have made a plugin that allows you to change the day length and base it on a real world timezone. I do plan to try and change it a bit to allow different daypart lengths (morning/noon/evening/night). Note that this was made from scratch, it isn’t a port.

Yes I see what you mean, and this is a very interesting plugin that adds a whole lot of realism.

If you can extend it to adjusting the length of the parts of the day, then it would probably achieve what I’m looking for in a very nice way.

I’m actually in the middle of a rewrite to achieve this. I have it working but am cleaning it up and am going to re-add the real-time syncing back before the release.

Due to me being busy this weekend, I don’t expect to have a release until mid next week.