Looking for Coders - Plugin Maintenance and Development

Hello everyone!

My name is Alice (aka yepidoodles) and I own and run a modded community called DragonTechMC. We started development on an essentials plugin about a year ago, we managed to get most of the key features in, but my coders have since vanished (I know a little, but I’m awful at coding, I’m more hardware than software). So I’m looking for people to contribute to our project and maintain once we have launched our updated server in the new year.

I am very flexible and am not looking for much, even if it’s a couple hrs a week, it would be a great help. Unfortunately I’m not able to compensate in cash, but if after time you do a great job, I may be inclined to give out gifts.

Github Repository
My Enjin page
We follow all of the EULA’s donation rules.

If you have any questions at all, please be sure to ask.

All my love,

  • Alice

EDIT: Now willing to pay monthly for maintenance.

I’m also looking for builders, mainly people who are good at boats. I’m streaming the build I need help on on my Twitch channel

I’m watching chat on there so if anyone wants to chat, I’ll be there.

  • Alice

Still looking for people, no one has responded to this yet :confused:

If you’re also a streamer/ youtuber I can guarantee coverage!

waits, sadly

  • Alice

Moved to a more appropriate section. Let’s hope you find what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Oh, thank you

I didn’t know this section existed.

Still looking for developers, for someone who knows what they’re doing, I’m willing to pay monthly for the maintenance of the plugin; Getting a little desperate, I only have a month to find at least one person to help me out with this.

  • Alice