Lottery Plugin

A simple lottery plugin where it will draw every X amount of time.

  • A player is able to purchase an X amount of tickets where some ranks may be able to purchase more or less tickets.
  • A ticket has a configurable cost.
  • At the draw, the winner will recieve an X percentage of the tickets and the rest goes to the server as a money sink.

Edit: 🤑 Lottery 🤑

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Bump still could use something like this since players would like other ways to earn money and I would like some money sinks

I am going to work on this!

Edit: What name should it be. I am not native English so this is the hardest part of making a plugin. :sweat_smile:
Any good names?

Lottery should be fine, I checked other plugins and they have same name :grin:

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Added to OP, will test when I have time

Problem when I do /lottery info it gives me a error message ho can I do to fix it

As always, please provide the version of this plugin you are using and the version of Sponge(and forge if you are using SpongeForge). Then also provide a link to pastebin with the full server log.

WooCommerce Lottery

I purchased this plugin three years ago for one project, and I got to say that plugin is regularly updated and new features added. WooCommerce Lottery result extends popular WooCommerce plugin with lottery/competition/ lucky draw features.

This plugin adds a Lottery product type to WooCommerce that you can use to sell tickets for lotteries, raffles and prize drawings.