🔊 PixelAutoMessages [v1.0] [1.8.9 - 1.11.2]

PixelAutoMessage :loud_sound:

PixelAutoMessage send messages to all players on configured time with all JSON events available on SpongeAPI.

This is a simple plugin to send messages to all players online.
The only comand is:

Command: /pam reload
Permission: pam.cmd.reload

All the configuration is commented to be easy to configure (yes, theres a lot of options).

#Configuration file:
To add more messages, copy the section “0” and paste changing the section to “1”, and increase this number for each new section.

configs {
    prefix="&7[&aAutoMessage&7]&r "

# Set you messages here! Follow the example and add numbers as index for more messages. 
# All fields (except permission) accept the player placeholder {player}.
# Note: Use the fields 'click-cmd', 'click-url' and 'suggest-cmd' one at time.
messages {
    "0" {
        # Any colored message to send to server
        a-message="&aThis is the default message. &6Change me now {player}!"

        # Players online needed to show this message. Set 0 always show.

        # Set permissions needed to player receive this message. Leave blank to disable.

        # Colored hover message.
        d-on-hover="&7Hi {player}, i am a hover message!"

        # Print a command on player chat.
        e-suggest-cmd="msg {player} private message to me?"

        # Command to run on click.
        f-click-cmd="say Commands work {player}!"

        # Open a url on click.


FabioZumbi12 / PixelAutoMessages


Does it support /sponge plugins reload?

I have no errors when using this command with PAM, but theres a event that i can listen on my plugin for this command?

Yes, it’s how you’re supposed to reload plugins. GameReloadEvent.

Thanks ^^

Now support plugins reload :wink:

Great plugin! Would you be able to add a configuration for how many messages need to be sent in chat by players before an announcement is posted? That would prevent announcements from being too spammy.

Messages is randomly sended?

For now is Only ordered.

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Messages is randomly sended?

Nice plugin.
Better than AutoBroadcaster
Everything works without problem.

can someone please send me ascreenshot from the config i don’t get this plugin there is no good explanation for where to put the broadcast text

Have you run the plugin? On first run will generates the config file with example of usage, but anyway, i will add config example here :wink:

Added random messages option:


Download: Releases · FabioZumbi12/Sponge-PixelAutoMessage · GitHub
Source: GitHub - FabioZumbi12/Sponge-PixelAutoMessage: A Sponge plugin to send automessages to players

The config file is fairly confusing on where to place new messages. Can you please give us an idea of where?

You copy the config section “0”, make your changes and change to “1”… And increase the number on each message following the example.

I’m curious - why the config structured {"0" = { ... }, "1" = { ... }} instead of just [{ ... }, { ... }]?

Hmmm… Currently I have cron jobs to run messages and commands on the server, during scheduled times. But this seems significantly more practical.

Have several suggestions for this plugin:
Any way you can add intervals for each message, I have a vote message I don’t want to annoy the players with, so I run it every 6 hours. While I have a “Removing entities” message running every 30 minutes.

Add a way to run commands during certain intervals, would be very useful. Like, a command that clears entities and whatnot.

Add ability to “delay” a message/command from running. So, if I have a “Removing entities” message going out, I would want to delay the command by 30 seconds to give players a warning.
(Alternatively using something like cron jobs’ timing would be neat. * * * * *, where each asterisk being a different measurement of time. [Minutes] [Hours] [Days] [Month] [Day of the Week] That way if I have scheduled events every Wednesday at 4am system time I would do 0 4 * * 3 “say Event is starting”)

Because i need keys to run ordered or random messages.

… how so? The same integer that gives you a key can be used as an index of a List.

Ok, whats the problem to use like i used? Its wrong? Maybe i dont know about this lists or need to learn about.