Luxum: For the night lurkers out there

So this is a forum theme made for those people who want to be able to finish that one last post and go right to sleep without having to see that weird green glow that appears when you close your eyes. Installation is much easier than you might think. Go ahead to the Theme Central and follow the instructions there. :smile:


Source Code … really?

What’s wrong with that?

Screenshots please?

Well… You can’t see where the link gets you upon clicking :wink:

(just for you :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m here listening. Where is link so I can update the theme central? :o


Found the link, stuck it on stylebot too. Updating the central right now. :smiley:

–EDIT 2–
Holy crap, all the red.

–EDIT 3–

and the homepage is the same way. Is that intentional?

Yeah, it’s meant to be red. You know how Twilight (No, not the books. Or the movie. The Android app.) and Flux work? All that red light’s supposed to combat the blue.

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Why exactly do you want to combat the blue?
Is it because humans can see different shades of yellow best?

No, blue light affects sleep patterns and causes the pain that occurs when you look at something too bright. This is a good read.

I think they’re all at the Central.

Lemme clarify: There are sections like that screenie where the elements are still grey. Is that intentional?

Since this is a ‘fork’ of NightUI, most of the elements will remain until the source is completely indistinguishable from the original. No, the grey parts are not intentional, they will change as the theme progresses. But if someone finds it nice, they might stay.