LWC Survey

Hi! I’m the developer for LWC. I would like some input on what should be done in the next version that will be used on Sponge, Forge, CanaryMod, etc.

If you’ve used LWC or run a server with it, I’d love if you could fill out this (somewhat short!) survey:


While most of it is to gauge which features should be focused on, I also want to look more into how LWC could be made easier to use.

Thank you! :smiley:


Filled in :smiley:. I am honestly not such a fan of LWC (with all respect off course)(autoprotect and changing every block manually can be annoying).

Filled :smiley:

Filled! Thanks for all good job ^^

filled, love item frame/painting protect idea,

forgot to metion in the suggestion if possible armor stand protect ( so poeple leaving gear on it woudn’t get robbed )



Filled! :smile:
Good Job! :smiley:

Oh man I didn’t even notice those were added to MC. I’ve ninja’d it in but I’ll keep it in mind that it’ll probably be on par with item frames.


yeah it’s pretty much the same as item frame, something that can hold a precious and tempting to steal item

Filed i dont really use LWC but i have used it and i would love to see it in sponge gl

Thank you very much everyone for filling this out. I really appreciate it.

Some things about what I’ve received so far:

  • Magnet will not be prioritized. If/when added, it’ll likely be a separate jar and not core functionality
  • Drop transfer, if added, will be a separate jar and not core functionality (76% voted Yes there). Like magnet, it likely won’t be prioritized.
  • Quite a few voted have said they’ve never used LWC-Economy. It will likely be supported at some point in some form even though so few use it, as it is quite useful for those that need it.
  • Easier to understand/use commands wins out quite a bit over other mentioned features, so that will be prioritized along with a better wiki.
  • Entity protection will be a thing as long as mod/server support is there (88% voted Yes).
  • Entities likely to be done by default: Item Frames, Armour Stands, Paintings. The painting one is odd, I’m not sure if it’s because it was the first option or perhaps painting burgling is a thing.
  • 67% said they didn’t know you could do /cmodify @Hidendra. This is no doubt an issue with documentation and poor commands which will definitely be worked on.

A few things in response to responses from the question about features not in LWC already:

  • Some want a command similar to GriefPrevention’s /trust. Also, just being as simple as GP in general. I completely agree. I think in LWC’s case, it would be best if the /trust equivalent gave access to all of that player’s protections.
  • Some mentioned wanting to disable most features, and just using LWC as a barebones protection plugin. This is the direction I’m going in, and any huge extras (like magnet) will be separate jar files entirely
  • One person mentioned /csomethingwhatwasitagain...?, hah, and if you read this I do agree with the rest of what you said. It would be nice if I could just take commands such as /protect and /trust but I’ll try to switch to easier commands like this if they aren’t already being used on the server.
  • Horse/Donkey/whatever entity protection: likely not by default, but you should be able to enable them in the config when available :slight_smile:

filled, thanks for those great work

You’re awesome! I’m looking forward the new version of LWC ^^

I just finished filling this in. Glad to see you’re still alive. I was beginning to think you were gone.

Filled it out. I personally don’t think much should change. A plugin like this should be barely visible, yet always usable to players (like the mouse on a desktop PC environment). Things like GUI should not be implemented since this is not really a game-changing plugin, but more of a utility that is extremely useful yet should not interfere with gameplay.


@Hidendra You are such a great person for bringing LWC to Sponge. I would like to thank you for that, and I also filled out the form because I use LWC on almost all of our servers [All the ones that support private inventories]


We use LWC on our server by default and frequently tell our kids (75% of our player base is under the age of 12) not to unlock their items and to use /cmodify instead (though we have that aliased to /add to make it easier on the younger kids). I love the idea of having a bare bones option with the added features being separate from the main plugin.

Thanks for working on adapting this to sponge :smile:

@Hidendra what happened to plugin metrics? It seems abandoned are you still going to continue with that project?

It’s still going, and will support Sponge. I’ve been wanting to overhaul it a bit for a while now, but unfortunately I don’t have the kind of time I wish I did with university going on in parallel.

@aguane Thanks! I agree that commands should be easier, and the /cXXX convention is really, really, really, really old (3-4 years old), so I should probably come out of the stone age and change all of them to something more useful.

@instanceof I completely agree. Also:

My main hope is to make everything easier to use. Some of the questions in the survey were just to get a good spectrum of questions.


I think I put all our aliased options in the survey but if not and you want suggestions I can check our file and let you know what ones we use.

Thanks for sharing the results. Ease-of-use with a minimal interface makes a great utility plugin. And LWC is pretty great, except for when I want to grief someone. Then it’s not.

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