Market - A GUI based player shop plugin for Sponge

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Market is similar to the GlobalMarket plugin from bukkit, but is very different.


  • Blacklist items from being sold.
  • Redis based
  • Completely Chat Based (No Chests Needed!)
  • Multi-Server support
  • Item/Player Search


  • A Redis Server.

Optional for 0.2:

  • (Optional) HuskykUI Plugin for chest GUI listings.
  • (Optional) Use MongoDB instead of Redis.

User Commands:
/market - Base command - market.command.base
/market create - Creates a listing - market.command.createlisting
/market listings - Shows all the listings - market.command.listings
/market check - Shows information about a listing, all where you can easily get the command to buy from that listing - market.command.check
/market buy - Buy from a listing -
/market addstock - Add more stock to a listing - market.command.addstock
/market removelisting - Remove a listing - market.command.removelisting
/market blacklist - List all the blacklisted items - market.command.blacklist
/market search <Item | User> <modid:itemid | Player Name> - Search the listings by player or item.

Admin/Staff Commands:
/market blacklist add modid:itemid - Add an item to the blacklist - market.command.staff.blacklist.add
/market blacklist remove modid:itemid - Remove an item to the blacklist - market.command.staff.blacklist.remove

Other Permissions:
market.command.staff.removelisting - Allows staff to remove listings that aren’t their’s.


Support Me:
Enjoying the plugin? You can support me here:

Known Issues:

  • Some items do not get saved correctly, causing them to appear as something different or lose their data.

Planned Features:

  • Server(Infinite) Listings

Q: Why not a block based shop plugin?
A: I feel that block(chest/sign) based plugins are holding economy plugins back as they limit what the possibilities you can do with them and how you use them. With block based shops you often have problems with scamming due to hiding text or other things. With a chat based GUI, I can clearly display what the item is, to ensure that the player is getting what they are paying for.

Base command result:




/market check id:


Anything in blue brackets is an item you can hover over.


A new version has been released for Market, it is available for download here.

New Features:

  • MongoDB Support.
  • Chest GUI listings with /market listings -g (for now).


  • Fix issues with deserialization.

A new version has been released for Market, it is available for download here.

Fixes a problem with MongoDB.

Some people prefer physical locations to add immersion, rather then just using chat.

I’d suggest having multiple methods of accessing the market.

If they wanted a physical location they could just place a command sign and have the player run /market listings.

Sure they can, I’m just trying to say that you might want to consider other visualisations as well, like a inventory GUI.

Check the latest updates.

A new version has been released for Market, it is available for download here.

  • The config has been redone, so you will have to regenerate it hopefully for the last time.
  • The GUI is now fully working thanks to HuskyUI(required if you want to use the GUI).
  • Fix blacklist with redis if a password is used.
  • Many internal reworks.
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Seems to be giving this nullpointer everytime someone joins, and none of the commands work

Try this version,

so does this plugin provide a gui system or not ? and if not is it going to have a gui system like global market ?

cuz the name of the title says Market - A GUI based player shop plugin for Sponge

Yes it does. It currently has a chat gui and a chest gui if you install husky-ui.

well i saw the chat gui system from the pictures and that is good more than the chests cuz if you have a sky factory server or any modpack server of course you don’t want the player to go to every island to buy what he needs just using commands or the gui is more good

Can you please back-port to 1.10.2? (API 5.X)

I really wanted to use it on my SpongeForge server :confused:

It works on 1.10.2 (API 5) :stuck_out_tongue:

Still has the error

I don’t think any of these fixes are working. What’s wrong?

Did you setup and connect the plugin to a redis database?

No I was using mongoDB. Here’s the config: