Market - A GUI based player shop plugin for Sponge


That error means it could not connect.


I thought the MongoDB option would create a database on the plugin config folder? no?



What is redis? Where do I download it?



are we required to use redis for 0.2 which uses huskyui?


You can use redis or mongodb.


Hey Cat, have you thought about adding a timer to unsold items?
For example, if the items don’t sell in X amount of time it goes to a holding “area” or however you could do it.
I have noticed on my server people just leave their items in forever making a ton of pages.


or maybe add a limit per player?


Could this be possible for servers that aren’t redis servers?


The new version will include support for Redis, MongoDB, and DynamoDB.


so everything you need a seperate server for? so far ive seen you cant setup mongo on any server hosts like mcpro or things like that.


Yes, except for DynamoDB which is hosted on AWS.


:\ damn, alright. wish there was a way to local store the database types. only viable shop plugin i like but can never setup :\


What if I have a sql data base already?


Market does not support SQL, only NoSQL databases.


Would you consider adding a self hosting db alternative like a NoSQL version of h2 should something like that exist?


IIRC Mongo can have a self-hosted server, not sure, but it could be useful if only the plugin uses it.


Redis and MongoDB can be self-hosted. They aren’t too hard to install either.


Can I request for a max-lot time for the items in the listing? So they get automatically removed from the database after a set amount of time. This would clean up unwanted items every once in a while.

A limit for each player on how many stocks they are able add to the listing would be great as well. Wouldn’t want someone spamming dirt everywhere xD