MCBans Banning Plugin

Currently working on the event handlers/Commands/Permissions

Google Spreadsheet for MCBans Documentation/Progress

Source Code

Download The Plugin

This MCBans will be coded from scratch to best use sponges absolutely brilliant API


Will McBans be reading from the same database? Or a fresh start? :smile:

Pretty sure they are keeping the old DB :stuck_out_tongue:

Also glad to hear!

We of course will be using the same database. nothing on will change (except maybe a new GUI, big maybe) but the plugin will tap into the API the same as it does currently with bukkit.


Sounds great! Thanks for your hard work.

I want to know about an Possible bungeecord version cause right now I am using bungee admin tools and would like that database to help protect my server.

We have a bungeecord plugin at

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Looking forward!

Lovely work @Firestar

The work begins!


Welcome back, nice to see some work happening!

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Technically working. Ban functions work so far, but need lookup of bans/players then an alpha will be released

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Working version is out now, ready for testing/using


Could you introduce the some use of this plugin?