MCJukebox - Porting it to sponge!

Hello everyone.
So, I’m here to make a plugin request, because this plugin is absolutely fantastic, in my opinion.

So, what’s MCJukebox ?
It’s a plugin that make you listen to custom tracks depending of the zone you’re in. It uses a plugin, and a website to actually share the music.
The plugin acts as the trigger, and the website is the media.
It’s pretty well-made and it’s a very good plugin, great for RP. I used it a lot before I ported my server into sponge. I wish Sponge could have this great plugin to it’s plugin collection. It’s really neat.

I tried to port it myself, I’m a junior developer IRL. Sadly I’m really bad with Java and the SpongeAPI, and I never tried to port anything to another tech before. So I completly failed. Thus why I’m asking here today. Maybe someone would be kind and more smart than I am to port this plugin to sponge !

There is the github : GitHub - oliverdunk/JukeboxAPI: Java API for Jukebox, my web based music player.

The project is under MIT licence, and I also asked for the author if it was already. He’s cool with it, so go for it if youre interested.
So, I thank you for reading, and hope you could grant to the community this wonderful plugin !

EDIT : Welp, I’ve decided to do it myself. And it works ! I’ll post it sooner or later, but I’m near completion.

Hey! I actually badly need this port to sponge I would be willing to pay for your plugin would you mind adding me on discord to discuss this? Yukiaro#9292

I could really use this port for a dream project i’ve been wanting to work on so this means a lot to me!

You could maybe use Composer Composer - Music player that plays nbs files

Hey, just curious, did you ever finish your work on porting this plugin? Something like this would be super useful for a project I’ve been working on.