Minecraft "CP" Announcer Title plugin


I would like to see someone write an “Announcer” plugin that could allow me to pop Messages on my player’s screens, something like “Titles” and Subtitles in minecraft…

Titles like this: https://image.prntscr.com/image/WP5xOUBaR6uZfg7NrUNIzA.png

I’d like it to be like /announce (message)
I’d like to support Unicode, and most importantly, &color codes…
Permission: customtitle.use or something like that

Thank you!!

Meanwhile, why not just use the regular /title commands with an @a selector?

I have tried. Its overly complicated. I want the plugin to be simple. That way i can send server reboot notifications easily…

Edit: Screenshot updated

So you want an extremely simplified /title command.

I would recommend you use the CmdCalendar plugin, it basically runs a command every specific amount of time interval.

It’s not exactly for a broadcast, but it surely does the job. :slight_smile:

I don’t really think that’s what the OP wanted

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I tried xD
I guess people can make a plugin for it :confused:

Do you still need this? I’m developing this as a small project to get into SpongeAPI and I’m almost done.
Edit: Announcer (/title-like)