first of all sorry if this is in the wrong category, I’m a nub c:
We all know the servers offering SG, BlockHunt/Hide 'n Seek, Paintball, and waaaay more.
Every smaller server has some kind of minigames to offer the community something besides survival and simple PvP.

Minigames I think should be coded/ported over time:

  • SurvivalGames
  • Paintball
  • Draw my thing (the one where one has to draw and the others have to guess the word)
  • Capture the flag (not as well-known but definetely very fun)

Anyone else got ideas? c:

Obtw I know no more Java than enough to code a hello world console-spam… So I sadly can’t help at all x-x

I think this is the right category. You want these plugins made?

I’m busy but if anyone else is doing these, look at this

Your plugin is probably already here.

Wrong, not every server bothers with minigames, many players are doing what Mojang designed the game for - building.

Hm… Of course, smaller servers - as in very small servers - don’t have many different gamemodes or something, it just wouldn’t make sense if you only play with your friends. But the servers with a constant 15-30 players on… I usually see them offering a diversity of pastime activities…

My server doesnt offer games, although I get most players because of the Taridis plugin by eccentric_nz. Many servers with the Tardis plugin charge players real money, which helps my server because I don’t. Although I still get enough in donations to pay the rental with 18 months of credit. To run a server you really need to offer something a little different or run it better than the many servers you have to compete against. Mine is a survival build server with many players that have been around for a few years and the best way to keep your long time players is to protect their stuff, investigate problem and be conisistant with the rules that have been set, eg VIP’s (donators) get banned just as quickly as any other thief or griefer. The regular players appreciate that everyone is treated the same.

I think you tagged the wrong post: I just linked @FerusGrim’s API

Probably, sounds like something I would do!